7 Things You Didn’t Know About Steel Carports

7 Things You Didn't Know About Steel Carport Kit

Are you thinking about adding a steel carport kit to your home?

Are you worried that it won’t measure up to a traditional garage? In many geographic areas, a steel carport is considered an outbuilding and therefore does not require building permits as would the addition of an attached or unattached garage.

Budget Wise

If you have a limited budget and want something practical yet stylish, a steel carport kit is a great choice. You might be surprised to learn that today’s carports are not just more cost-effective than a garage but are exceptionally well-built and quite trendy.

Historic Structures

Carports have a storied history that started in the early 1900s. Originally referred to as an auto space, the term carport was later coined by Frank Lloyd Wright, who incorporated the use of an attached carport into his first Usonian home design. Wright completed that Wisconsin home in 1937. Many residences he and other architects subsequently designed contained attached or detached carports. In its early days, the carport was typically wooden and limited in use to sheltering automobiles. The carport has changed with time. You can purchase one in a wide variety of materials and styles that fit your specific purpose and geographic location.

Still Trendy and Modern

Carports, especially the steel variety, are sometimes mistakenly viewed as being an old style. But try telling that to James Valentine, rock group guitarist for the band Maroon 5. His modern home in California, named The Steel House for its construction, was recently listed for sale at $3.785 million. The house is every inch a trendy find with its steel, glass, and cantilevered structure, which includes a carport built into the lower level.

Easily Installed

These days, the modern, high-quality carport is most often made of steel and is frequently pre-engineered. Sturdy material means carports are more affordable than garages without having to give up strength and longevity. Carports are useful, too, and for much more than protecting your cars and trucks.

Versatile Protection

Metal carports are used as protection for recreational vehicles, outdoor workshops, and family recreation spaces, especially in regions where ice and snow are limited, such as the Southwest. Plus, your steel carport now comes in a variety of roof styles. Varying styles offer convenience for do-it-yourself assembly projects. Basic styles also offer you design choices with your weather protection.

Roof Styles Add Value and Weather Protection

The three most common roof styles used for metal carports are boxed-eave, regular, and vertical roof panels. The styles differ in durability, but a steel carport is already an order of magnitude above either aluminum or tin, which are other frequently used metals for this structure. Let’s examine the use of these roof types.

Environmental Challenges

When choosing a roof style for carports, the weather conditions at the location of use can determine what kind you should select for optimal protection. For example, metal structures with regular style roofing are best for areas that have temperate weather. Vertical panels are a good choice if you deal with harsh weather since that configuration helps snow and rain slide off.

Whatever roof style you choose, a sturdy carport with great prices is not hard to obtain. It’s also the perfect choice to add protection to your home or office. Your new carport can be surprisingly attractive and modern while solving your full range of weather and style challenges.

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