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“My customers get great service not only from me, but also from everyone at MDM – from the ownerto his mom (it IS a family business!),to all the account managers, to all the guys loading the trucks day after day in the warehouse – everyone at the facility (and especially my own account manager and true right-hand man, Dave Clayton). Everyone there treats my customers with the same care and respect that I do. They are a family business, and they treat me like family as well.”

~ Kathy Tremblay (MDM Shelter Dealer)

“We set up our 14 X 14 party tent each year for our New Year’s Eve party, and we love it. This year, 2010, we decided to leave it up. One night, it rained all night and then at around 5 a.m. it became very windy, 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts. The stakes had come loose, due to the satuated soil from it raining all night long. At 5:15, as I was making my morning pot of coffee, the wind caught under the tent and lifted it over our 7 foot privacy fence half on, half off of our back deck. My son and I went out and quickly took the tent apart in the wind and rain. I was amazed at how well it survived the beating. Nothing ripped, nothing broke, the only items damaged were one corner leg pole and one rafter pole. I highly recommend any Rhino Shelter tent and will only buy another tent made by Rhino Shelter.”

~ Bob Gray

“Your product is awesome and exceeded my expectations. I faxed the warranty card to you and I hope the pictures are ok. I put this entire shed up by myself and it was just fine. I will recommend your company to everyone I know.”

~ Rob Fogelstrom

“Just wanted to let you know the shelter is loaded with hay and we’re lovin’ it and so do the cats – it’s their new hideout when they’re not in the house.”

~ Bob Fabbro

“I have attached pictures of your product which I have had for about 2 weeks. So far I’ve been very happy with your product. We have had some fairly significant windstorms since I put the shelter up with winds around 35-40 mph and the shelter withstood them very well. My horse loves it and spends around 80% of his time in it.”

~ Erika Miller

“Thank God I had my shelter up before the last snow storm! We received over 5 feet of snow this week alone and the shelter is completely covered and if you noticed my next door neighbor’s snow mobile is on his roof. That’s how much snow we got just in two weeks. When you said they withstand snow you weren’t kidding. At FIRST I WAS ALITTLE WORRIED BUT MY WIFE IS STILL ABLE TO GO INTO THE SHELTER AND PARK HER CAR. Best investment I have ever made. We love our Rhino Shelter!”

~ Bob And Mary McCourt

2 years ago we had a total of 54″ of snow in one week at our house in West Wardsboro VT. I didn’t think this would be standing when we got up there. Unbelievably it was solid as a rock. I had to remove the snow one side and then the other slowly back and forth so the garage woulnt shift and collapse! No damage at all except for a small hole that I made in it from my snow rake. Thanks for a great product!

~ Glenn Perschino

Hello, my name is Josh. I’m just dropping you a note to express my satisfaction in your product. I bought a 14′(W) X 36′(L) ext round building to store my boat in over a year ago. I live in east TN and had my doubts that it would hold up due to the high winds we experience on the hill we live on. However, we have had two tornado cells come through the area within the last year, in addition to some very high wind storms, and the building is still standing strong with no damage. Both tornado storms had multiple twisters that touched down within a mile of the building and I expected to wake up the next morning and see nothing but the frame left, but to my surprise everything looked as if no storm had come through. With that said, thank you for the great product you have delivered and I hope to do more business with you in the future.

~ Josh Rule Etowah, TN

I have owned this carport for more than 10 years and I would just like to say that it saved my car from being severly damaged by hurricane sandy. I have attached a picture of the tree that fell on the carport. The carport prevented the tree from slicing my car in half. I am finally replacing the damaged carport with a new one from your company. I have researched all the ones on the internet and finally found the same one that I currently own. Thanks for such a great product. It also held up the over 30 inches of snow from the blizzard this year even damaged.

~ Marie A Fiore

“Finally got to shoot a photo or two of the shelter in the full winter storm mode. It held up very well and continues to be a ‘life saver’ for that generator. I’m happy that I bought it. Thanks again.”

~ Ralph Porter

“Shelter has now withstood several 50 MPH plus wind storms and sub freezing temps. Looks as good as the day it went up.”

~ Jim Lightfoot

“Our first use of the shelter was for our daughter’s 4th birthday party with her friends. Our backyard has no shade, so we needed to provide some. We found your product to be very sturdy and substantial, yet easy to assemble. We intend to use it for these types of events right through her college graduation!”

~ Pam Carlson

“The fact that I’m dealing with a company of great integrity has resulted in a growing business for me. I’m proud of my website and my affiliation with everyone at MDM Rhino Shelters.”

~ Kathy Tremblay (Rhino Shelter Dealer)

~ Joe Knezevic as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

“I got my cabana and am very pleased with it.

The material is much sturdier than the cycle shelter. The poles are also sturdier. One of the poles was not drilled, so that was a bit of a pain. I had to dig out my drill…and of course the batteries were dead, so I had to wait for it to charge, but all in all the cabana is far superior to the shelter.

Also It is designed differently in that when the bike is out of the cabana, it remains upright (at about a 45 degree angle) and does not lay flat like the shelter did. This is not a problem for me, but the guy I talked to said it layed flat like the cycle shelter did.

There is one problem…the end where you drive the bike in gapes about six inches because there is not a way provided to close it securely on the ends. Luckily, I was able to cut off the clips from the cycle shelter and affix them to my plywood floor and that clips the end shut just fine. That would be an improvement if they would provide something to close the end. I just want it to house my bike, not the cats, opossums, skunks, raccoons, or who knows what would be able to get in through the gaping end to spend the night.

The directions had a reference to being sure to have the holes facing outward on the upright pole assemblies, so we spent a long time trying to figure out what they meant. As it turns out, the design had been changed, there were no longer 2 holes on the outside, and this “very Important” part of the assembly instructions doesn’t apply to the new design. They should change that in their instructions.

The floor package they sent was just a 4X8 piece of tarp, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, although I do appreciate their sending to try to make up for their “dropping the ball” on shipping it. I didn’t use it for the floor in my cabana, though I was able to use it for something else.

I hope these comments are helpful, and I would definitely recommend the cabana over the shelter, although only time will tell. My shelter lasted 4 1/2 years, so I guess that’s pretty good. The thing that failed on the cycle shelter was mainly the thread. It started coming apart at the seams.

~ Joe Knezevic

“MDMShelters saved my Porsche! Not only has this shelter stood up to the heaviest Connecticut snow storms, but this video shows how strong these shelters really are by supporting the weight of this fallen tree and saving my car from being crushed. From the money I saved with buying the 22′ x 24′ garage instead of building a traditional garage, I was able to buy this Porsche 911. So the tree put a rip in the roof of my MDMShelter, but that is easily repaired. I cut away the branches blocking the door with a chainsaw, and drove my car out unscathed. If this tree had fallen on a traditional stick-built garage, I can’t imagine what the repair costs would be. I don’t work for MDMShelters, and I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I highly recommend their products. Check them out here:”

~ Mark

Hi, my name is Stephen Alles. I live in New York City. I built a West Coast Chopper CFL. I chose Rhino Shelter because it best fit my size needs and intended use. I am very pleased with my purchase. It is a great product that I recommend to the guys in my firehouse for all their outside storage needs. I tell them its money well spent to keep your bike or car out of the elements. I hope you like the pictures include with this e-mail. thanks again.

~ Stephen Alles Staten Island N.Y

MDM, Attached is a photo of my 12 x 24 shelter. I found the shelter very easy to assemble, in fact I did it by myself. I took my time and did it in about 8 hours over two days. Looking forward to putting my boat in it. For the money you can’t beat it. Thank You, Bob Ragland Lake George N. Y.

~ Bob Ragland Lake George NY

We bought a portable garage from you about a year and a half ago, and we’re loving it! We park Rosie (our Honda Civic) inside, and she fits quite comfortably. It saves her from sun and hail damage, and it spares us from having to clear snow and ice off her in the winter. I’m very happy with the sturdiness and durability, too. It’s been put to the test many times now by high winds and heavy snow, and it looks as good as new! Thank you for selling an excellent product.

~ Laura Makarchuk

“I have posted-on several rv sites- how impressed we are with our Shelter King/Rhino Shelter garage which protects our rv and the question we get most often is just how well does it withstand high winds and heavy snow.”

~ Tom

“It was a clear but windy and very cold day with the wind chill in the lower single digits. We were attempting to beat an Arctic cold front and made it by twelve hours!

The structure withstood nearly two days of 40 MPH plus winds and some recorded gusts in the area over 50 MPH. After the storm, the structure was no worse for wear and all I did was take up some of the slack that had gotten into the ropes. I’m sure the wind blowing the material around took out a wrinkle or two I might have missed during the construction. Your engineers have put together a very sound structure.”

~ Jim Lightfoot

“A recent turn of events beyond my control has made it impossible for me to put a motorcycle, or anything else for that matter, in my garage. To address this potentially catastrophic problem, I called Don Skoldberg, general manager at MDM Products for some advice. Good move on my part, because Don’s company had an easy solution: the Cycle Enclosure ($318), which is designed for temporary storage of just about anything two wheeled.

With a one-piece cover and color-coded metal and fiberglass poles, this system sets up something like a camping tent. MDM claims that assembly takes 10 minutes, but, genius that I am, it took me considerably longer. I started the process at sundown and didn’t finish until it was dark. Smart, right?

The Cycle Enclosure has a symmetrical shape, which means that the cover never touches your parked motorcycle, even when opening and closing the shed. In other words, if handled correctly, there’s no need to fret about scuffs or scratches. Even better, I can park a bike with a hot engine and exhaust, then close it with no worries because air vents on each side of the enclosure prevent condensation during storage. Good stuff. The cover is made from a woven marine fabric that has a commercially sewed construction for durability. Thanks to gusseted corners and strips of hook-and-loop fasteners, the Enclosure seals up so tightly that it’s totally waterproof. Trust me. Mine has stood up to heavy rain, marble-sized hail, and high winds.

At 40? wide and 126? long, the MDM Cycle Enclosure is a relatively small package that offers a ton of convenience. My only advice is that if you’re not a genius like yours truly, don’t try to assemble it in the dark.”

~ James

So with the renovation rumbling on and me about to clear out the basement for a full gut down there and me looking for a way to relieve some of the storage pressure that has built up in the garage and me needing long-term storage for the tractor, I decided it was time to get one of those portable garages.

Why do this and not smash together a shed in a weekend? Well basically because I can put it wherever I want to and I don’t have to pay any taxes on it. There. Done.

So anyway, before the purchase, I did my research and it came down to Rhino Shelter and ShelterLogic as the two premier companies in the arena. I went with Rhino Shelter and I’ll tell you why….then I’ll tell you what happened once I placed the order….

Why I chose Rhino Shelter:

  1. A buddy has one and it has held up great over the years. He uses it as a workshop and it has not only survived many brutal Northeast winters, but also his daily abuse (he tends to be hard on things).
  2. ShelterLogic garages have a logo on the side. It’s not a huge logo, but it’s a logo. I’m looking to protect my possessions, not create a billboard for your company. I don’t fault them for adding the logo, but I always shy away from that sort of thing if I can. It’s just a personal hang-up of mine, but it counts just the same.
  3. Rhino Shelter exclusively uses galvanized poles in their garages. Everything I read indicates that that is the way to go.        And lastly…
  4. I read in a number of places that Shelter Logic has not so good customer service. I didn’t read anything positive or negative about Rhino Shelter, but in at least three places I saw that ShelterLogic got poor grades in this area. Now, I want to make it clear that I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of this. Maybe they have great customer service. I don’t know. Maybe the reviews I read are disgruntled ex-employees, I don’t know. But while doing my research, this is what I discovered. So, even with a grain of salt, it was in the back of my mind when I made the decision.

It’s this fourth item that I want to elaborate on.

So I ordered the garage from Rhino Shelter and within a day got an email from the owner of the company telling me that the tent I wanted was back ordered six weeks and he wanted to upgrade my tent to a larger size, so that I could get the shelter asap. So over the course of four or so emails and a couple days time, the result was that he very happily and very willfully was going to indeed send a larger tent to me (with no cost upgrade). It was obvious that he would not accept me having to wait a month and a half for the tent and that he was willing to work with me to find a solution that I was not only willing to take, but one that I was excited about as well.

It was seriously good customer service and in stark contrast to the “FU, you get what you get” attitude that I deal with all the time in bookstores, service stations, restaurants, lumber yards you name it. Rhino Shelter could have easily said, “sorry pal, you’ve got to wait six weeks.” And I would have probably accepted it and stewed and been pissed off for six weeks wondering the whole time how if I’d gone with ShelterLogic I would probably have my garage by now. But no, Rhino Shelter’s attitude was, “this dude needs a tent! He ordered one of our tents, so let’s work with him to get him a tent pronto.” And they did. It was great.

Like we said, this was very different from the apathetic fog that we see hanging over most customer service and sales desks. We thought it was worth a post. That’s all.

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~ Doug Mahoney