Our Team

MDM Shelters is committed to delivering the best portable garages and shelters in the industry. After all, we are a family run business, started in 2001, conveniently located in the heart of the Milford, CT business district. Due to the knowledgeable guidance and direction of our founding members-one being the 1st employee in the industry’s former largest manufacturer-we’ve all worked our way up the ladder.

Working from dealer up is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction that gives us the understanding and focus to continually meet the needs and requirements of our respected clients. So, as we continue to grow domestically and intentionally, we stay grounded in our commitment to quality service and dependable products.

Above all, continued research and education in both industry and professional personal growth are the cornerstones of our company. Due to our commitment to growth, we are able to deliver the best portable garages and shelters. We deliver value, not just products.

Why We’re Different

Our first class products don’t just meet industry standards; we have set the industry standards. While we are young in age and spirit, we are veterans in the industry with expert knowledge and customer satisfaction.

  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel pre-drilled frame is strong and easy-to-assemble
  • Heavy-duty, rip-stop fabric cover with UV protection and inner black scrim
  • High-strength steel cable anchors with 1,200 lb. pull-out ratio
  • Double-zipper door panels for easy entry and added reinforcement
  • Over 32 types, styles, and colors of affordable portable garages and shelters stocked right in our convenient warehouse

Our Team

Ardita Jonuzi

Sales/Customer Service/International Business

Phone (203) 877-7070

Ext: 17

Don Skoldberg

General Manager

Phone (203) 877-7070

Ext: 12

best portable garages and shelters

Happy Customers

  • “My customers get great service not only from me, but also from everyone at MDM – from the ownerto his mom (it IS a family business!),to all the account managers, to all the guys loading the trucks day after day in the warehouse – everyone at the facility (and especially my own account manager and true right-hand man, Dave Clayton). Everyone there treats my customers with the same care and respect that I do. They are a family business, and they treat me like family as well.”

    ~ Kathy Tremblay (Rhino Shelter Dealer)
  • “Our first use of the shelter was for our daughter’s 4th birthday party with her friends. Our backyard has no shade, so we needed to provide some. We found your product to be very sturdy and substantial, yet easy to assemble. We intend to use it for these types of events right through her college graduation!”

    ~ Pam Carlson
  • “Shelter has now withstood several 50 MPH plus wind storms and sub freezing temps. Looks as good as the day it went up.”

    ~ Jim Lightfoot
  • “Finally got to shoot a photo or two of the shelter in the full winter storm mode. It held up very well and continues to be a ‘life saver’ for that generator. I’m happy that I bought it. Thanks again.”

    ~ Ralph Porter
  • “The fact that I’m dealing with a company of great integrity has resulted in a growing business for me. I’m proud of my website and my affiliation with everyone at MDM Rhino Shelters.”

    ~ Kathy Tremblay (Rhino Shelter Dealer)
  • “We set up our 14 X 14 party tent each year for our New Year’s Eve party, and we love it. This year, 2010, we decided to leave it up. One night, it rained all night and then at around 5 a.m. it became very windy, 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts. The stakes had come loose, due to the satuated soil from it raining all night long. At 5:15, as I was making my morning pot of coffee, the wind caught under the tent and lifted it over our 7 foot privacy fence half on, half off of our back deck. My son and I went out and quickly took the tent apart in the wind and rain. I was amazed at how well it survived the beating. Nothing ripped, nothing broke, the only items damaged were one corner leg pole and one rafter pole. I highly recommend any Rhino Shelter tent and will only buy another tent made by Rhino Shelter.”

    ~ Bob Gray

Why Choose Us

  • We Deliver the Best Portable Garages and Shelters

    Our products offer a comprehensive building package without the need for add-ons to complete your structure. As a result, we don’t just deliver a complete product; we deliver low cost portable garages and shelters to each of our clients.

  • Our Knowledgeable Team

    From our dealers to our customer care representative and beyond, our entire team is highly-trained and fully knowledgeable in all areas of the industry. As a result, we’ve even published the best assembly instructions and our own sales literature throughout our industry.

  • Easy-to-Install Products

    We use consumer-friendly packaging and an easy-to-assemble product. Therefore, you don’t need to pay additional costs setting up your shelter. So, no expensive tools or equipment needed.

  • Dedicated Customer Commitment

    At the heart of our business is you. Therefore, we treat our clients like family. As a result, we’ve developed highly-respectable, long-term relationships built from our high character principles and commitment to customer satisfaction. At the heart of our business is our sincere desire to listen intently and consider your input and opinions. Above all, our entire team truly values each of our clients.