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Our cycle pocket is perfect for indoor dry storage. Protect your car or bike or other important items from condensation, corrosion, dust, oxidation, and insects. This amazing enclosure provides full protection for your vehicles. Easily place the pocket in your desired location, drive your vehicle onto the base, place a soft cover over your vehicle, bring the upper half of the pocket over and zip it shut! It’s that easy!

If you don’t want your chrome to pit, tarnish, or rust, the cycle pocket is your solution. It can fit any size motorcycle, even a fully dressed Harley! The cycle pocket measures 11’9” long and 7’9” wide when lying flat. The 8-ounce polyethylene fabric is CPAI-84 fire rated. It comes with a grey lower half and white upper half.
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  • 8 oz PE
  • Zippered Enclosure for indoor use
  • Desiccant Bag included
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Protect your car or bike from condensation, corrosion, dust, oxidation and insects. Completely encloses vehicle for full protection. Place Pocket in desired location, drive vehicle onto base of Pocket, place soft cover over vehicle, bring upper half of Pocket over vehicle and ZIP SHUT!

The 7’9″W x 11’9″L CyclePocket encloses your whole motorcycle and allows you to protect it against dust, insects, and corrosion.

CyclePocket™ is ideal for your motorcycles’ short-term storage needs and provides excellent protection without sacrificing portability. Velcro fasteners enable the full base and foldable top-cover to form a watertight cocoon.

CyclePocket™ works together with a soft cover (not included), placed over the painted areas, to provide all-round protection. A desiccant block is included in the package to help remove excess moisture.

Its versatility makes CyclePocket™ a favourite with motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors who prefer it for their seasonal or long-term storage needs. Besides protecting your motorcycle, it can also be used to cover furniture, equipment, or any other material fit for storage. The CyclePocket™ folds away into a storage bag (included) for easy transportation.

International shipping available. Call for pricing
Shipping is not available to PO & APO Boxes

Exclusive Features

  • Completely Encases Full Size Vehicle on All Sides, Top, & Bottom
  • Plastic Zipper on Three Sides
  • Renewable Dessicant Bags
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • 8 oz. PE UV Protected CPAI-84 Fabric
  • Overall dimensions: 7’9”W x 11’9”L
  • Shipped Via UPS

Standard Specifications

  • Flat Size 11’9″ Long x 7’9″ Wide
  • Fabric 8oz. polyethylene, CPAI-84 Fire Rated
  • Available Colors Grey Lower half / White Upper half
  • Stock Number MCCP

Product Documentation

  • the product spec sheet

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 8 in
Color :

White top/Gray Bottom


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