14’W x 42’L x 17’H – (Peak Style)

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The 14x42x17 portable shelter is perfect for both residential and commercial use. This industrial shelter provides additional space to store your large boats, RVs, and vehicles. It can be used to house commercial equipment, provide outdoor protection at commercial job sites, and as a portable building for your temporary or long-term needs.

The roll-up door kit is included for the front door. The structure comes with 2 double zipper doors to allow easy access with drive-thru capabilities. As with all our structures, the galvanized steel frame offers durability and sustainability for long-term use. Get the superior protection you need to give you peace of mind for your most important investments.



  • 10 oz .Cover
  • 2 Double Zipper Doors-12’Wx12’8″H (9’3″W at top)
  • 22 Cable Earth Anchor Kit
  • 2-3/8″ Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Rollup Door Kit for front door included


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Ventilation Kit

Ventilation Kit *

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Our pre-drilled frames are easily assembled with minimal hand tools. (Unlike other products where drilling or field cutting is required). Main cover and doors are made from long life UV Resistant and Fire Retardant Poly with Fabric Backing. All fabric components feature heat welded seam construction. Unit features double zipper doors on both ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation. Each door contains a pocket for a rigid pole and grommets for securing them up during use. Each unit comes equipped with permanent anchor system and one door roll-up kit.

The 14’Wx42’Lx15’H RV/Boat House-style shelter is ideal for protecting large vehicles, such as motor homes, boats, and trailers. Featuring front and back doors, entering or exiting the shed with a vehicle is effortless. A roll-up door and full anchoring kit are included with the unit.

The 14’Wx42’Lx15’H RV/Boat Round shelter provides superior protection, without sacrificing portability. The massive dimensions means the shelter can easily accommodate large vehicles. The centre-ridge roofline ensures that height is not an issue, with extra space along the side enclosures an added benefit.

Assembling a Rhino Shelter requires minimal effort and tools. The frame of the shed is designed in a specific manner, so that no cutting or drilling is required.

The shelter is made using rugged and long-lasting industrial grade 10oz. fabric and is available in two distinct colours. The entire cover, including doors, are constructed with a CPAI-84 rated Poly with woven backing, which is UV resistant and fire retardant. The outer and inner layers sandwich a special layer in between calledInner Black Scrim. This layer has a coating that prevents any sunlight from infiltrating the material. All the components for the frame are manufactured using galvanized steel.

Ratchet straps come standard with Rhino Shelters. The shelter cover never loosens or sags, thanks to the strong webbing material used in the ratchet strap. The tight fit allows the ratchet straps to withstand much higher snow loads than ordinary rope. Every door contains a pouch to accommodate poles. Earth anchors and 36″ stainless steel tether and drive rod come with the package.

  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Finish on All Steel Frame Components for Maximum Strength & Long Life
  • All Pre-Drilled, Easy Bolt Together Assembly
  • Ratchet Straps for a Drum Tight Fit
  • Easy Bolt Together Design – all Pre-drilled & Cut
  • Wind Brace Support on Both Sides
  • Two(2) Double Zipper Doors with Bottom Pockets
  • One (1) complete Roll-up Door Kit
  • One (1) Roll-up Door Kit
  • Protective Plastic Tube End Caps – All Open Ends
  • Standard Thread Plated Hardware Kit with Retaining Nuts & Protective SS Washers
  • Quick Assembly Wrench included
  • Heavy Duty Poly Rope for Main Cover Tie Down
  • Heavy Duty Grommets on Cover & Doors
  • Twenty-Two (22) Permanent Anchors
  • 1350 lbs. Shipped in Twelve (12) Boxes Shipped via Motor Freight
  • Heavy Duty Grommets on Cover & DoorsTwenty-Two (22) permanent anchors included
  • Twelve(12) Box Shipment
  • Average install time – 8 to 10 hours

  • Anchors Twenty-Two (22) 36″ Anchors with U-Bolts & Drive Rod
  • Arches Eleven (11) on 48″ spacing: 2-3/8″ galvanized frame members
  • Available Colors Forest Green, Gray
  • Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
  • Interior Color White
  • Main Cover UV Protected 24 mm, fabric-backed polyethylene, 10 oz weight
  • Nominal Size 14′ Width x 42′ Length x 15′ Height
  • Shipping Method Shipped via Motor Freight Only
  • Shipping Weight 1,350 lbs. shipped in eight (12) boxes
  • Standard End Door Size 12′ Width x 11’8″ Height: Double zipper door at each end
  • Nominal Size
    • 14’ Wide x 42’ Long x 17’ High
  • Arches
    • Eleven (11) on 48” Spacing 2-3/8” Frame Members
  • Standard End Door Size
    • 12’ Width x 11’8″ Height
  • Box Dimensions
    • Box 1: 70″ Long x 20″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 2: 70″ Long x 20″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 3: 57″ Long x 13″ Wide x 6″ High
    • Box 4: 70″ Long x 21″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 5: 68″ Long x 21″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 6: 57″ Long x 13″ Wide x 7″ High
    • Box 7: 58″ Long x 14″ Wide x 7″ High
    • Box 8: 52″ Long x 11″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 9: 53″ Long x 10″ Wide x 6″ High
    • Box 10: 53″ Long x 9″ Wide x 6″ High
    • Box 11: 71″ Long x 17″ Wide x 8″ High
    • Box 12: 87″ Long x 27″ Wide x 8″ High
  • Available Colors
    • Outer Colors: Green and Gray
    • All Interiors: White Only
  • Shipping Weight
    • 1350 lbs shipped in Twelve(12) boxes Shipped via Motor Freight
  • Main Cover
    • UV Protected Fabric Backed Poly Material 10 0z. Weight. 22 Mil. Thick.
  • Fire Retardant Standard
    • Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
  • Anchors
    • Twenty-Two (22) 36” Anchor with U-Bolts & Drive Rod Std.
  • Stock Number
    • 14x42x15(*)HSK
    • * – Color Prefix: Green, Gray etc.
  • the product spec sheet
  • the assembly manual
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