Stocking Dealer Vs. Drop Shipper


As a Stocking Dealer you have the advantage of having the product right on your property for customers to look at and you can offer a “cash and carry” option. You will recieve Volume Discounts on all products. As a Stocking Dealer you can also make money on freight as you can offer your own delivery service.


Buy Factory Direct and Start Your Own Business.

40% to 50% Off Retail!

MDM Shelters Vs. Competitor Brands

  • Galvanized Steel Frames:

    MDM Shelters Garages use Heavy Duty Galvanized Structural Steel Tubing that is designed not to rust. All frames are made for heavy snow loads and are pre-drilled for easy installation vs. competition’s frames that are light weight recycled steel that’s powder coated to loom galvanized. Poweder coating chips and then rusts

  • Heavy Duty Fabric: 

    MDM Shelters covers are made with Heavy Duty Industrial Grade 10oz, 22mil Thibik Fabric that is UV Treated and Fire Retardant. The fabric is constructed of a Rip-Stop Poly with an Inner Black Scrim Material that helps to block UV rays from penetrating through the cover vs competition’s covers that are made from light weight tarps that get destroyed over time by UV rays.

  • Cable Hook Anchors:

    All MDM Shelters Garages come with Cable Hook Anchors with drive rod and a 1,200 pound pull out ratio. Cable Hook Anchors work on all surfaces including asphalt, dirt, hard pack, grass, and gravel vs competition’s anchors that are Auger Style Anchors. They can only be used in soft soil as they need to be drilled in and their pull out ratio is only 300 pounds.

  • 2 Year Warranty:

    All MDM Shelters Garages come standard with a 2 Year Warranty that covers all parts and labor. All of the MDM Shelters frames come with a 10 Year Warranty vs the competition’s warranty which only lasts 1 year.

  • Double Zipper Doors:

    All MDM Shelters Garages come with Double Zipper Doors front and back which allow for ventilation and drive thru capability. MDM Shelters only uses Heavy Duty Nylon Zippers that are designed not to jam or freeze under heavy use. On larger MDM Shelters Garages there are UV treated buckles that prevent the zippers from spreading and splitting from high winds. Zippers also function both outside the building as well as inside vs competition’s garages which only have a single door and a solid back panel. The zippers zip from the outside only.

  • Heavy Duty Carriage Bolts:

    All MDM Shelters Garages come with Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Carriage Bolts that are designed for heavy snow and winds vs competition’s carriage bolts that are zinc plated and snap easily under little stress.


As a Drop Ship Dealer you can take advantage of the MDM Shelters Quick Start Dealer Program which will get you online and selling quickly with very little startup cost. MDM Shelters offers a website service in which you get your own personalized website that allows customers fast and easy checkout contact MDM Shelters for your website now.


We Offer All Of Our Dealers The Best Marketing Tools:

We Offer All Of Our Dealers The Best Marketing Tools:

  • Display Models: We have accurate display models that are table top size.

  • Banners: Full size outdoor vinyl banner to hang in front of your shop.

  • Dealer Poster: 18″x24″ wall poster featuring all of our products. A great eye-catcher to put in your shop.

  • Product Catalog: Our product catalog outlines our whole product line giving sizes and pictures of each unit.

  • Dealer Price List: A price list containing the retail, wholesale, and suggested retail prices of all of our products.

  • Freight Chart: An essential document that gives the shipping cost of all units to anywhere in the continental USA.

  • Dealer CD: Our Dealer CD ROM includes pictures of each unit as well as sales order forms and other useful documents.

  • Ad Slicks: We have stripped the pricing out of some of our ads so that dealers can drop in their own prices and logo.

  • Website Service:  MDM Shelters offers dealers their very own website for a low price Contact MDM Directly for Web Services. See for more info.

  • Install Service: Dealers have the option to provide installs for their customers. Installs usually go for half the cost of the building and start at $250.

All MDM Shelters Dealers Can Take Advantage of These Great Benefits

  • Low Startup Cost

  • Superior Marketing Tools

  • Get Products at Wholesale Price

  • Live Customer Service