30’W x 40’L x 15’H – (Round Style)

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The 30x40x15 portable storage buildings are designed for heavy commercial, agricultural, and industrial use because of their large size. The heavy-duty building is a great investment to fulfill your commercial needs. Its popular uses are as a long-term storage site for commercial jobs, multiple vehicle storage, large workshop areas, and for protection for multiple outdoor animals.

The crank operated doors are included with your purchase, making it easy to access this portable building. All of our products are constructed of heavy-duty steel frames made of galvanized steel. Our long-lasting covers are durable and strong. They come with UV resistant protection and fire retardant material. Ratchet straps keep your cover from loosening or sagging and the tight fit gives you dependable protection from any type of weather.



  • 12 oz. PE Cover
  • 4’Rib Spacing 2- 12’Wx12′ 6″H
  • Mechanical Crank-Up Doors
  • 14 Cable Earth Anchor Kit
  • 2-3/8″ Galvanized Steel Frame

Ventilation Kit

Ventilation Kit *

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MDM Products 30×40 Buildings are designed for heavy commercial, agricultural and industrial use. From the heavy steel galvanized frame to unique dual cover tensioning system, the building is heavy duty from front to back. Typical uses include large workshop areas, animal protection, long term jobsite storage, and multiple truck or car storage. Completely packaged and ready for quick assembly, the frame is the heaviest available in single tube construction. All frame components are made from heavy galvanized materials. Main Cover, Door, and All Fabrics are made from Long-Life UV Resistant, Fire Retardant Polyethylene with woven backing.

All fabric components feature heat-welded seam construction. Unit features a unique dual cover tensioning system that allows quick adjustment both front-to-back and side-to-side. The easy-up Door can be winched up from outside the building with little to no effort. Wind release flaps on both sides allow for wind absorption. Long lasting cover design provides for run-off of rain, or melting snow, to avoid water getting in through the perimeter of the cover. Each unit comes equipped with both a set of 14 earth anchors and a set of Auger style anchors to secure the unit at all strategic points.

The 30’Wx40’Lx15’H Big Bear Buildings Commercial Round is ideal for industrial and commercial use. Besides storage, the 1,200 square feet structure can be transformed into an assembly area, workshop, or a field fabrication station. Doors are operated by a crank on the exterior and are included in the package.

Ruggedness and durability are the key hallmarks of the 30’Wx40’Lx15’H Big Bear Buildings Commercial Round, thanks to a dual cover tensioning system and a frame that is constructed using galvanized heavy steel. The shelters’ large size makes it ideal for use as a workshop area or a multiple car and truck storage facility. It also provides superior protection to animals and for materials and equipment storage.

As far as single tube construction is concerned, heavy galvanized steel ensures that the frame is the heaviest possible. Despite this, the Commercial Round can be assembled quickly, right from the package. The entire cover, including doors, are constructed with a CPAI-84 rated Poly with woven backing, which is UV resistant and fire retardant. Heat welded seams feature in all fabric components.

A dual cover tensioning system allows the shelter to be adjusted easily and quickly in all directions. The door can be winched up from the exterior of the building, using the provided crank, and requires very little exertion. The round cover design prevents any water logging or snow build-up. The cover includes wind release flaps.

Ratchet straps come standard with Rhino Shelters. The shelter cover never loosens or sags, thanks to the strong webbing material used in the ratchet strap. The tight fit allows the ratchet straps to withstand much higher snow loads than ordinary rope. Fourteen cable earth anchors and a set of auger anchors are included with the unit.

  • Heavy-Duty Galvanized Finish – All Steel Frame
  • Roll Up Mechanical Door
  • Wind Brace Support on Each Corner
  • Double Cover Tensioning System
  • Complete Anchoring System Included
  • 10oz., CPAI-84 Fabric Cover and Doors
  • Assembles in 8 Hrs
  • Arch spacing every 48 inches (4 foot spacing’s)

  • Anchors Fourteen (14) 36″ Anchors & Fourteen (14) Augers Included
  • Arches Eleven (11) on 48″ spacing: 2-3/8″ galvanized frame members
  • Available Colors White
  • Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
  • Interior Color White
  • Main Cover UV protected, fabric-backed polyethylene, 10 oz. weight
  • Nominal Size 30′ Width x 40′ Length x 15′ Height
  • Shipping Method Shipped via Motor Freight Only
  • Shipping Weight 2,200 lbs. shipped in two (2) crates
  • Standard End Door Size 11′ Width x 12’6″ Height: Mechanical roll-up design
  • Nominal Size
    • 30’ Wide x 40’ Long x 15’ High
  • Arches
    • Eleven (11) on 48″ spacing
    • 2 3/8″ Diameter Frame members
  • Standard End Door Size
    • 11′ Width x 12’6″ Height
    • Mechanical Roll Up Design
  • Available Colors
    • Outer Colors: White
    • All Interiors: White Only
  • Shipping Weight
    • 2565 Lbs. in Two (2) Crates
    • Weight Shipped via motor freight
  • Box Dimensions
    • Box 1: 115″ Lx29″ Wx29″ High
    • Box 2: 115″ Lx29″ Wx24″ High
  • Main Cover
    • UV protected 24 mil, fabric
    • Backed poly. 10oz. weight
  • Fire Retardant Standard
    • Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
  • Anchors
    • Fourteen (14) 36″ Anchors &
    • Fourteen (14) Augers Included
  • Stock Number
    • 30x40x15(*)HSK
    • * – Color Prefix: White
  • the product spec sheet
  • the single door assembly manual
  • the two door assembly manual
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