Benefits of Outdoor Party Tents for Your Wedding

One of the most common uses for our outdoor party tents is to create the perfect venue for your dream wedding. If you’re already an outdoorsy person, deciding to have an outdoor wedding may be a natural choice. But, many of our customers choose to bring their venue outdoors after they’ve explored all their options. Our outdoor party tents are usually the deciding factor when it comes to choosing an outdoor venue. Let’s check out all the reasons why these tents can give you the best venue for our dream day.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Party Tent for Wedding

While indoor weddings used to be the custom option for most brides and grooms, more and more people are turning to the outdoor venue option. Thanks for Pinterest and Modern Bride magazines, people have discovered all the options that come with taking the “I Do’s” outside. There’s something so elegant and charming about taking your vows outdoors.

The outdoor wedding trend has picked up over the years. And, we’ve learned all about it when we asked our clients how would be using our outdoor party tents. Here are a few reasons why outdoor weddings might be the right option for you!

1.          They offer more room.

While indoor venues confine your guests to space within the four walls of your venue, outdoor weddings provide a lot more room. Many outdoor venues consist of wide open spaces. Think beaches, parks, and gardens. This gives you plenty of space for all your needs. While you may set up one of our outdoor party tents to shelter your guests, you can still make use of the space beyond your tent. This doesn’t just give you more room, it keeps those dueling family members far away from each other so everyone can enjoy the big day!

2.          You’ll get gorgeous photos!

Most people will tell you that the wedding photos and videos are the most important part of planning your big day. After your venue, entertainment, and food, of course. But, the pictures you take away from this special day are the only thing you’ll have for a lifetime to retell the story of your wedding. Nothing beats the natural backdrop provided by an outdoor wedding. Imagine how nice it would be to dance the night away to sunset background. Or think about how relaxing it would be to breathe in the ocean air as you say your vows. And let’s not even talk about how gorgeous your photos will be with the beautiful, blue ocean behind you.

3.          Outdoor weddings are cost-effective.

They’re still expensive when you piece everything together, but outdoor venues are usually the more cost-effective option. Just think of how much cheaper it is to rent or buy outdoor party tents rather than renting an indoor ballroom space.

4.          They’re more personalized.

While some weddings still go for a sophisticated and complex look, many people choose different options these days. From rustic inspired to movie-themed, there are countless possibilities when it comes to planning your big day. That’s why outdoor weddings have become so popular. You can create a magical evening under a starlit outdoor party tents or have a casual BBQ in your backyard. Your big day should really be exactly what YOU want and outdoor venues give you that creative space to make it happen.

Outdoor Party Tents Create the Solution

For years, brides and grooms have shied away from the idea of an outdoor wedding because they worry about how the weather will affect their perfectly planned day. Outdoor party tents are the exact solution needed to eliminate that problem. Of course, you might want to reschedule if that heavy-winded hurricane is planning to touch down at the same time you’ll be walking down the aisle.

If there’s a chance of rain or even some snow flurries, outdoor party tents will give you the ultimate protection to help your wedding go off without a hitch. More than that, you’ll have the peace of mind that if something does happen, you’re protected. Our outdoor party tents will keep your guests and your wedding protected from any elements of weather that have you worried.

The best part? They look nice, too! As the leading provider of outdoor shelters, we’ve made sure our outdoor party tents can fit any wedding venue. They’re easy-to-install, can be customized to meet your needs, and come in a neutral color to fit any scheme.

To get more information on our outdoor party tents for your wedding venue, check out our product page or give us a call at 800.447.7079.

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