The Advantage of Buying Factory Direct Portable Garages

Buying Factory Portable Garages for lowest costs. But factory direct

When it comes to cost, you want to have the option to buy quality products without breaking the bank. Too often we purchase products that are less expensive, only to find out that the quality is seriously lacking. On the contrary, many times you purchase a product out of necessity but are forced to pay prices that are through the roof.

Are you thinking there must be a solution to this common household dilemma? Well, when it comes to portable shelters, there is. Our products can be bought factory direct. That means you will save up to 60%, but get the same high-quality product that is being sold at stores for sometimes more than double the price. Let’s take a closer look!

Factory Direct Vs. Wholesale

One of the most confusing topics to understand is the difference between factory direct and wholesale. When you are looking for a product, or if you are a reseller, it can be a difficult task to try to decipher the difference between wholesale and factory direct. The bottom line is this. Factory direct comes straight from the source. Straight from the source means major savings. Why?

Ordering from a factory eliminates the middle man. Since the factory produces the product you are buying, you can still get exactly what you want. In fact, you are getting the exact same product that costs a lot more in the stores. When you break it down, it makes complete sense. Here’s an example.

If you purchase one of our portable shelters from Home Depot, the store has to bump up their prices. Why? Because they purchase their products from our factory. If they didn’t turn around and add to our prices, they wouldn’t be making a profit. When you purchase factory direct, you make the purchase exactly as large sellers as Home Depot do. You pay the direct price without added inflation.

Advantages of Buying Factory Direct Portable Garages

Now that we have determined the cost savings involved with factory direct purchasing, its important to point out that the advantages don’t stop there. Aside from unbeatable pricing, here are some other reasons why factory direct purchasing is a no brainer:

  • Custom Orders. Trying to make a custom order through a distributor or retailer can be a pain. Often there is a lot of back and forth required only to find out you aren’t getting exactly what you wanted when your product comes in. When you place an order direct, you get what you want with less chance of error. Additionally, you can give suggestions to improve price, functionality, and performance.
  • Faster Turn-Around. When you buy factory direct, your order will be processed immediately. You won’t have to wait for the product to be shipped from place to place before it heads your way.
  • Better Service. The service that comes with factory direct is second to none. If something breaks, or you have an issue, customer service is available immediately. This leads to a better experience.
  • Less Paperwork. Factory direct means fewer agreements, fewer signatures, less documentation, and less paperwork. You will save time and space.
  • No Hidden Fees. Import/export fees, inspection surcharges, and sourcing charges are just a few of the added fees that come when you buy from a retailer. With factory direct, you skip all these fees.
  • Unmatched Product Knowledge. Most suppliers know very little about where the product they are selling comes from. When you buy directly from the factory, however, you can get help from someone who is involved in the design, development, and production of the products. They know the process from the start of your product build until it leaves the doors to your possession.

The advantages of buying factory direct make the decision simple. If you want to purchase a product at lower costs but with the same quality and even better service, this is your way to go. At MDM Shelters, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the accountability and integrity they should get from everyone with whom they do business.

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