8 Effective Tricks To Safeguard Your Car Paint During Winter

8 Effective Tips On How To Protect Car Paint In Winter

Learn how to protect car paint in winter. Mother Nature is never kind to cars, In fact, during the winter months, your car can get into some serious damage if not protected correctly. Winter could hurt the integrity of the car if the paint is not maintained correctly. Exposed and damaged surfaces that are ruined due to winter will lead to the car’s insides getting damaged. Therefore, if you care about the functionality and aesthetics of your car, utilize the trick below to stop winter harm.

Keep The Vehicle Clean

The paint on your car is delicate, but strong if kept clean. Before winter comes around, wash the entire car from head to toe. You will need to ensure the undercarriage is also deep cleaned for best results on protecting your car.

If the salt and rocks from the road stay on your vehicle, it leads to corrosion of the paint. Salt that flies up on the car’s paint as you are driving will start to chip away the paint over time. WUSA9 voices, “If not treated properly, you could be causing more harm than good that can cost you bigger bucks down the road.” A wise trick is be washing your car’s paint regularly prior and during to the winter season.

Waxing The Car

Many people think that waxing is done around summer because it allows for the car to chine. However, that is not necessarily the case when you think about the paint’s job. Yes, the paint on the car looks pretty, but paint protection is also made to protect the car from damage such as salt and ice. So head out now and get that coat of wax applied to safeguard your car. There are different types of wax available like spray or ceramic coating.

Consider The Paint

Depending on who first painted the car, it may need a little more attention. Most dealers will get the car waxed before it leaves the lot. However, getting a regular painting or waxing job will increase the damage protection of your car for the winter.

Shelter The Car

The wind, rain, snow, and ice all can damage a car’s paint. It is extremely important to make sure your car has appropriate coverage during times like these. A great layer of protection can be a car cover parking it in a covered area. In fact, we offer the industry-leading one car instant garage which comes with a 2-year warranty absolutely FREE, Shop Now!

Removing Snow And Road Salt

The way salt and snow is removed off of the car can have damaging results on the paint job. Salt likes to corrode the paint as well as leave scratches. The more scratches the paint has the more potential damage that occurs overtime for every car.

Applying wax will help make removing the debris on the car easier and continue to protect your car as you are driving down the road. New York Times declares, “Washing it off is a great way to prevent rust.”

Patching Rust Spots

A fantastic trick to safeguard your paint is through patching rusted spots. Rust extends more during the winter that leads to severe damage to the car’s body. Spraying wax, and keeping the car clean will stop rust. However, if you already have rusted spots waxing and patching the spots will help protect the paint’s longevity.

Tools For Snow and Salt Removal

Each person uses different tools to remove the ice from the car. A good idea is to consider what tools you are using. A softer brush that has bendable bristles is helpful to remove snow and it will not scratch the paint. Using the right types of ice scrapers can make or break the paint on the car. If you do not know what tools are good to use speak to a professional on what to consider utilizing.

Business Insider shares, “Snow and ice scraper is easily the most used tool for drivers during the winter. Keeping one handy will allow you to efficiently clear off your windows and lights before driving.”

Get Help From A Professional

Professionals have gifts and knowledge of your paint. They understand how bad the winter can be for each car, and they know the best techniques to maintain the car to its ultimate performance. If you need help getting the car waxed, or finding the right tools, speak to a professional now about how to protect car paint in winter before it is too late.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many different tricks that you can apply to protect your car from the winter. Keeping in mind that if you clean your car is a good start but waxing the car is also just as important. Cold weather is never good to machines, so make sure to be ahead of the game before the paint is too damaged to fix, or worse expensive. Therefore, if you need more advice, or need a professional’s opinion, Check out our winter weather vehicle protection checklist or contact us today on how to protect car paint in winter with one of our shelters or instant garages.

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