12’W x 20’L x 8’H – Steel Carport

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The 12x20x8 all steel carport is the perfect outdoor protection for your vehicle. Its open design gives you all the ventilation you need while protecting your vehicle from the sun, snow, and rain. The heavy-duty steel structure is strong enough to withstand heavy snow and ice buildup. The steel panels are made to resist rust, oxidation, and the damaging effects of the sun.

All of our steel carports are created with an easy bolt-together design that comes pre-drilled and cut. The structure’s roof sheets are easy to assemble and come with rubber grommeted self-drilling screws. This means no power tools are required! This structure can serve as a permanent solution to protect your valuable investments for years!



  • 2″ Square Powder Coated Frame
  • 10 Stainless Steel 30″ Pin Anchors
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The 12’W x 20’L x 8’H Steel Carport is ideal for protecting your vehicle from the elements, and can withstand a massive amount of snow and ice build-up. The open design allows for excellent ventilation, without sacrificing protection.

The roof features fluted steel sheathing with a neutral color finish, which is baked-on. The steel panels are rust-resistant and provide exemplary UV-protection. The sheets are cut to length before shipping, and attach to the frame using self-drilling rubber grommet screws.

30″ long steel pin anchors with large heads are included in the package and allow the carport to be installed on virtually any kind of surface. Frame bases are pre-drilled for secure anchoring. Easy to assemble, the steel carport is rugged enough to be a permanent structure and durable enough to last years.


The frame is finished with a heavy powder coated finish of gray. The top roof material is fluted steel sheathing, shipped in pre-cut sheet lengths, with a baked-on neutral color painted finish. The steel panels resist rust, oxidation, or any amount of the sun’s damaging effects. The roof sheets easily attach to the frame assembly with rubber grommet self-drilling screws at each frame member. Ends and sides are open to allow ventilation around whatever is placed underneath. The outer edge molding pushes directly onto the steel for a permanent, finished, and attractive edge. The base of each frame member is pre-drilled to insert the provided ground anchors. The anchors are 18” long steel pins with a large head, which are suitable to secure the carport to almost any surface. Once assembled, the unit is a permanent structure that will provide many years of protection for your valuable investments!

Exclusive Carport Features

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame With Painted Finish
  • Easy Bolt Together Frame – all Pre-drilled & Cut
  • Rubber Outer-Edge Molding
  • Rubber Grommeted Self-Drilling Screws
  • Permanent Anchors Included
  • 825 lbs. Shipped in Two (2) Boxes Via Motor Freight

Product Size
12′ Width x 20′ Length x 8′ Height
Standard End Size
Center Height – 8’5″, Sidewall Height – 7′
Available Colors
Ten (10) Stainless Steel 18″ Pin Anchors
Five (5) on 48″ spacing: 2″ square steel frame members
Shipping Method
Shipped via Motor Freight Only
Shipping Weight
825 lbs. shipped in two (2) boxes
Box Dimensions
Box 1: 90″ Long x 30″ Wide x 10″ High
Box 2: 96″ Long x 36.6″ Wide x 5″ High

  • the product spec sheet
  • the 12×20 assembly
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