18'W x 32'L x 15'H

      - UV Protection
      - Fire Rated (CPAI -84 Section 5)
      - Velcro Windows With Screens
      - Doublefly Cover Design
Removable Center Supports. Velcro Windows on sides and roof come standard with mosquito screens for ventilation.

Standard Specifications

Nominal Size 18' Wide x 32' Long x 15' High
Arches Five (5) on 48" Spacing 1 5/8" Frame Members
Standard End Door Size Two (2) 16' Wide x 13' High
Available Colors Outer Colors: White
All Interiors: White Only
Shipping Weight 1,090 lbs shipped in 2 Boxes and 7 Bags* Shipped via Motor Freight
Main Cover UV Protected PVC Material 18.1 0z. Weight
Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
Anchors Eight(8) Stake in Anchors
Stock Number 18x32x15(*)DRT
        * - Color Prefix: White
Windows Eight (8) 3' High x 4' Long Side Windows
Eight (8) 3' High x 2' Long Roof Windows
With Velcro Hold Ups and Mosquito Net Screening

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        · 30' x 40' x 15' "Heavy Commercial Round     · 40' x 60' x 18' Domed Truss

    MDM Products, LLC provides the best in instant and portable protection for any purpose.

    Typical uses include:

    • Temporary Housing Tent
    • Medical Facility
    • Event Tent
    • Temporary Housing

    Here at MDM Shelters we pride ourselves in our wide range of temporary housing tents. We offer instant and portable housing that's perfect for use in domestic, industrial and humanitarian efforts.

    Our party tent is a popular choice for domestic settings. It's a fine choice for various gatherings--weddings, sporting events or even show booths. The walls of the tent are attached with Velcro fasteners which makes assembly easy. Our party tents feature beautiful framed windows on each side--increasing appeal and light input.

    The MDM Peaked Truss Buildings are our offering to the industrial sector. We've designed them for heavy commercial, agricultural and industrial use. They feature a heavy steel galvanized frame and a unique dual cover tensioning system. The frame is actually the heaviest available in single tube construction. This type of temporary housing has several uses and we find that our customers use them for workshop areas, long term equipment storage or even multiple truck or car storage.

    Then there is the Rhino Shelter Disaster Relief Tents. These are heavy duty, cutting edge temporary housing units we designed for the sole purpose of being the very best humanitarian aide tents available. Like all MDM portable housing, the tent's frame is made from heavy duty structural steel. The main cover and doors are made from long lasting, UV resistant, fire retardant PVC Vinyl fabric. Included with the tent is a fabric floor kit which is comfortable to sit on and backed with industrial strength rubber.

    Exclusive Temporary Housing Tent Features
    • Two (2) PVC Fabric Doors With Screen
    • Heavy duty 1 5/8" Dia. Structural Steel Frame
    • Doublefly Cover Design
    • Velcro Windows With Mosquito Screen
    • Roof Truss and Removable Center Supports
    • Fabric Floor Kit Included
    • Complete Anchoring System Included
    • 18 oz. CPAI-84 PVC Vinyl Cover and Doors

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