12'W x 12'L x 8'H

      - UV Protection
      - Fire Rated (CPAI -84 Section 5)
      - Quick shed!
Assembles in 1 hour and works great for wood piles,lawn equipment,garden tools,any kind of storage. Protect your investments from inclement weather.Sets up on asphalt ,grass,wood,cement,dirt,gravel. Two people can pick this model up and move it very easily.

Standard Specifications

Nominal Size 12 Wide x 12 Long x 8 High
Arches Four (4) on 48 Spacing 1-5/8 Frame Members
Standard End Door Size 10 Width x 6' Height / Manway door 3' wide
Available Colors Outer Colors: Forest Green, and Grey
All Interiors: White Only
Shipping Weight 250 lbs shipped in two (2)boxes Shipped via Motor Freight
Box Dimensions Box 1: 64.5" Long x 21.5" Wide x 6.75" High
Box 2: 63.5" Long x 13.75" Wide x 7" High
Main Cover UV Protected Fabric Backed Poly Material 10 0z./Sq Yard 12 Oz./Sq Meter Weight
Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
Anchors Four (4) 36 Anchor with U-Bolts & Drive Rod Std.
Stock Number 12x12x8(*)HSK
        * - Color Prefix: Green, Grey, etc.

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        · 12' x 20' x 8' "House style" instant garage
        · 14' x 24' x 10' "Round style" boat / SUV garage
        · 12' x 12' x 8' "House style" instant shed

    6 SMALL AUGER STYLE EARTH ANCHORS - 16" anchors work great in dirt. Easy to install and reusable. Anchor has a 800 lb pullout.

    Shipping Included.

    6 LARGE AUGER STYLE EARTH ANCHORS - 32" anchors work great in dirt. Easy to install and reusable. 32" anchors have a 1200 lb pullout.

    Shipping Included.

    CABLE HOOK ANCHORS - 32" - Great for securing your portable garage to asphalt, hard pack, dirt or any other hard surface. Installs in Minutes...Our most popular way to secure your portable garage.

    U-Bolts and Drive Rod not included

    $68.00/ batch of 6
    Shipping Included.  

    U-BOLTS - Use to connect anchor cable to bottom cross rail. For 1-5/8" and 2-3/8" frames

    $3.99 ea. (1-5/8") 

    $4.99 ea. (2-3/8") 

    ANCHOR DRIVE ROD - 36" - Used to drive Cable Hook Anchors into the ground.

    Shipping Included.

    CONCRETE ANCHOR - Concrete anchors' design allows them to secure shelters into concrete. Concrete anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete. The tip of the anchor expands, wedging itself securely in the concrete.

    Note: if purchased seperately please specify the building you intend to use this product for in the comments section of the shopping cart.

    Shipping Included.
    VENT KIT - Comes with 2 12"x12" plastic injection mold vents for your portable garage. Works to control condensation in areas of heavy moisture. Also helps to control temperature inside your instant garage.

    Shipping Included.

    Note: The $160 price is only for buying the door panel as a seperate accessory. If purchased with a building the price is $60 for two door panels in addition to the price of the building.

    REPLACEMENT VENTED DOOR PANEL - A sewn in vented panel, with fabric flap that will Velcro close. This Feature is available for all sizes and colors. Vented door panel comes in all 3 colors.

    Shipping Included.

    DRY PACKS - Protect Your investments from mildew, mold, odors, and rust. Ideal for use in storage bags, boats, campers, rv's, closets, and vehicles and any other area where moisture protection is a must.

    Moisture absorbing. $5.00 ea.  

    You may change quantities in the PayPal shopping cart.

    MDM Products, LLC provides the best in instant storage sheds and portable protection for any purpose.

    Typical uses include:

    • Equipment / material storage
    • Workshop areas
    • Motorcycle shed
    Our pre-drilled frames are easily assembled with minimal hand tools. (Unlike other products where drilling or field cutting is required). Main cover and doors are made from long life UV Resistant and Fire Retardant Poly with Fabric Backing. All fabric components feature heat welded seam construction. Unit features double zipper doors on both ends to allow drive though capability, and good ventilation. Each door contains a pocket for a rigid pole and grommets for securing them up during use. Each unit comes equipped with permanent cable anchor system.

    Exclusive Storage Shed Features
    • Heavy Duty Galvanized Finish on All Steel Frame
      Components for Maximum Strength & Long Life
    • Easy Bolt Together Design - all Pre-drilled & Cut
    • Wind Brace Support on Both Sides
    • Two(2) Double Zipper Doors with Bottom Pockets
    • Protective Plastic Tube End Caps - All Open Ends
    • Standard Thread Plated Hardware Kit with Retaining
      Nuts & Protective SS Washers
    • Quick Assembly Wrench included
    • Heavy Duty Poly Rope for Main Cover Tie Down
    • Heavy Duty Grommets on Cover & Doors
    • Two Box Shipment
    • Four (4) permanent anchors included
    Actual Pipe Size

    Step 1: Select Product Using Radio Buttons
    Size: 12'W x 12'L x 8'H $545.00
    Step 2: Select Color
    Step 3: Select Your State
    Vented Door Panels $60.00

    (Need more space? The "Extended Storage" shelter can be purchased here.)

    * Accessories for this product are below.

    Please Choose An Extended Warranty Option (optional):
    Storage Shed 3 Year $175 Warranty
    Storage Shed 5 Year $250 Warranty


    Anchor with 3' stainless steel cable
    $12.60 ea.  

    3' drive rod for anchor
    $11.20 ea.  

    SHELTER BRACKET - Can be mounted to the side of an arch inside the shelter to provide hangers for ladders or support wooden shelves.


    U-BOLTS - Use to connect anchor cable to bottom cross rail. 1-5/8" frames

    $3.50 ea.  

    FLOOR KIT - Acts as a vapor barrier for your Portable Garage. Protect your investment from the elements below as well as above. Impenatrable to moisture, weeds and condensation.
    Single Floor Kit will fit any building up to 12x24x8.

    Shipping Included.

    SMALL SHED LIGHT KIT - Illuminate the inside of your Portable Garage with this solar powered light kit. No need for batteries, simply attach the solar panel to the outside of the garage and the sunlight will charge up the three (3) rechargable AA batteries. It's simple to install and gives off enough light to light up the whole inside of any small garage for up to two hours.

    Shipping Included.

    JOINER KIT - Weather Strip for connecting buildings together. Available in three(3) colors. Seals building from rain, snow, and wind.

    Shipping Included.

    You may change quantities in the PayPal shopping cart.

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