At MDM products we pride ourselves in high quality, fast shipping. Our warehouse staff takes great care in making sure that all of our buildings leave the warehouse in a timely and organized manner. Our state of the art warehouse encompases all of our inventory and allows you to quickly solve any issues that arise from shipping directly through our staff.

About MDM Packaging

When you buy factory direct from MDM Products, we ship your order directly from our warehouse in Milford Connecticut. All boxes that leave our warehouse are labeled and each box in the shipment displays how many boxes are in the shipment and the box number. Assembly manuals are included in each shipment and the box that contains the assembly manual is marked as such. Our final step in preperation for shipping is to shrink wrap and strap all boxes in a shipment together on a pallet (or pallets if the order is too large for just one).

MDM Shipping

We ship our buildings using various trucking companies. Our most popular companies are listed on our site: ABF, Landair, Con-way, and FedEx are the most common carriers we use. Shipments will be brought right to a customer's house but the customer must be present and provide a way to get the boxes off the truck. A handtruck is the prefered method although liftgate service is provided at an additional charge.

Picking Up At Our Warehouse

Customers and dealers may come to MDM in person to pick up their orders. Our warehouse staff will assist you with loading boxes into/onto your car or truck. This is done at no extra charge.

We appreciate your business and look foward to serving you!


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