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Motorcycle Shelter & Motor Bike Storage Cover

Did you work hard to buy your bike? Then it stands to reason you would want to protect that motorcycle! A motorcycle shelter by MDM Products is designed, manufactured and have withstood the test of time for our many customers and your motor bike cover will do the same for you!

Still considering the purchase of a motorcycle pocket by MDM? Here are several reasons for you to include in your consideration of motorcycle covers.

Exclusive MDM motorcycle shelter features include:

  • Keeps Your Chrome Clean! No Contact!
  • Portable design for travel or home use.
  • Fits on the back of your motorcycle.
  • Resists Sun, Rain, Hail, Wind.
  • Carry bag included for travel
  • Easy assembly or disassembly in 10 minutes.

Shelters by MDM

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Motorcycle Shelter
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Benefits of MDM Motorcycle Shelter
Our motorcycle shelter is the perfect portable shelter for your motorcycle. This Shelter is 100% woven marine fabric for waterproof and UV protection. The shelter opens and collapses in seconds for easy transportation. Best of all, the shelter's fabric never touches your motorcycle so you don't have to worry about scuffs, scratches or a hot engine to potentially damage your cycle shelter fabric. Our easy to transport and use motorcycle storage cover is the best portable motorcycle storage product on the market!

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Motorcycle Shelter Portable Motorcycle Shelters

More about Motorcycle Shelters

Traveling down the road at fast speeds with the wind flowing through your hair and your bike zipping past everyone on the highway can leave anyone feeling full of life. In today’s world, there are hardly enough times to truly enjoy nature just because its beautiful and go out on a ride into the country or through the city. A bike is a great investment, simply because riding to and from work can be the breath of fresh air from the office or the laundry that you have been waiting for. Certainly keeping the bike free from harm is important enough, and many know that owning your bike can be hard, but keeping it new is all the more challenge. A motorcycle shelter is a tool that many consider to be a life saver in protection, and can, in many cases, make the difference between showing off a roaring beauty or a rusty dud.

There are so many culprits to consider when fearing for the sake of your bike, and to keep it free from harm is first and foremost. The motor bike storage cover can assist you in sheltering the bike from various threats. Weather can play a major part in the well being of any motor type vehicle, from cars, to trucks, to RVs, and yes, to motorcycles, the rain, the snow, the wind, and the sun can all cause major damages to the paint or even the frame of the vehicle itself. Rain can cause spots to appear on the paint, while sun can strip the paint off, and can in some cases cause discoloration. Luckily the motor bike storage cover can ward off any unwanted forecasts by sheltering the bike from any parcipitation and the main cover is under a UV protection to block destructive rays. Sports are welcome on the street once again due to the fact that your bike is safely stored and you don't have to worry about scratches, dings, and dents thanks to your motorcycle shelter.

The motorcycle storage cover is extremely handy when it comes to portability, and this is in many cases, aside from its protection, its greatest appeal. Pine needles never feel good when they are sat on, and goodness knows what is lurking in the woods that could potentially be a hazard to your bike. A motorcycle shelter can not only go camping with you, it can fit on the back of your bike when you pack it up to go. Assembly and disassembly for a motor bike storage cover is easily broken down into ten minutes, and a carry bag is included for quick and safe fun, where ever your bike may take you. Wind, and fast speeds, and zipping past the other vehicles on the road, why, there is just too much to miss if you are considering turning down the bike of your dreams. Storage and keeping your motorcycle protected from everyday damages is half the battle, the convincing the spouse is the other!

Not sure what kind of shelter you need?
MDM Products can help you decide.

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