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Emergency Disaster Relief Shelter

After any disaster it may be necessary to protect people and possessions from whatever issues have arisen as a result of the storm or as a protective measure prior to a disaster or inclement weather.

According to CSA International, a leading North American testing and certification organization, there are several of their tips that should be considered along with emergency shelter purchase decisions. For example their very first tip recommends that displaced persons only return home upon advisement by authorities.

So where do you go, where do you shelter the few items you were able to save? Tents are great for camping but after a tragedy or disaster, what little you have deserves something better. To this end we offer our entire line of portable garages and instant disaster shelters for protecting you and your possessions whether everything is sunny and well or if a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, blizzard of other natural disaster changed your life forever.

Just like CSA recommends safety apparel, MDM's emergency shelters are like armor for your equipment, vehicles and any other possessions you wish to protect from the elements whether normal rain storms or whipping winds.

Since it is dangerous to use power tools in wet locations, you can ensure that your tools are in good condition and in a useful location by protecting them with one of our instant shelters.

Shelters by MDM

Portable Shelter
Emergency / Disaster Relief Shelter
Ice Fishing Shelter
Horse Run In Shelter
Calf Shelter
Car / Auto Shelter
RV Shelter
Motorcycle Shelter
Work Shelter
Salt and Sand Storage Shelters
Emergency Shelters for Pets

Benefits of MDM Emergency Disaster Relief Shelter

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Party Shelter Storage Shed Shelter

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CSA International - CSA tests products for compliance to national and international standards, and issue certification marks for qualified products. Visit the CSA Website at www.CSA-International.org

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