30'W x 30'L x 15'H

      - UV Protection
      - Fire Rated (CPAI -84 Section 5)
      - Easy Bolt Together Assembly
Offers an extra 108 sqft of storage space with a full size car so that you can store multiple things. Choose your color green or gray. All our shelters have a bright white interior for reflecting ambient light.You can run florescent shop lights along the top for extra lighting.

Standard Specifications

Nominal Size 30.00ft L x 30.00ft W x 15.00ft H
Arches Seven (7) on 60in spacing 2-3/8in diameter frame members
Standard End Door Size 30ft Long X 30ft Width X 15ft Height
Available Colors Translucent
Shipping Weight 1190lbs Shipped in Nine (9) Boxes via Motor Freight.
Box Dimensions House Style
96.00in L x 19.00in W x 5.00in H
67.00in L x 17.00in W x 5.00in H
41.00in L x 17.00in W x 8.00in H
63.00in L x 9.00in W x 6.00in H
101.00in L x 17.00in W x 8.00in H
89.00in L x 22.00in W x 7.00in H
Main Cover UV Protected Fabric Backed Poly Material 10 0z. Weight. 24 Mil. thick.
Fire Retardant Standard Main Cover & Doors meet CPAI -84 Section 5
Anchors Fourteen (14) 36in Anchors with U-Bolts & Drive Rod Std.
Stock Number 30x30x15(forest-green)GRH, 30x30x15(grey)GRH, 30x30x15(transluscent)GRH

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        · 14' x 24' x 8' Round
        · 14' x 30' x 12' Round
        · 12' x 20' x 8' "House style"
        · 12' x 20' x 8' "Round style"

    6 SMALL AUGER STYLE EARTH ANCHORS - 16" anchors work great in dirt. Easy to install and reusable. Anchor has a 800 lb pullout.

    Shipping Included.

    6 LARGE AUGER STYLE EARTH ANCHORS - 32" anchors work great in dirt. Easy to install and reusable. 32" anchors have a 1200 lb pullout.

    Shipping Included.

    CABLE HOOK ANCHORS - 32" - Great for securing your portable garage to asphalt, hard pack, dirt or any other hard surface. Installs in Minutes...Our most popular way to secure your portable garage.

    U-Bolts and Drive Rod not included

    $68.00/ batch of 6
    Shipping Included.  

    U-BOLTS - Use to connect anchor cable to bottom cross rail. For 1-5/8" and 2-3/8" frames

    $3.99 ea. (1-5/8") 

    $4.99 ea. (2-3/8") 

    ANCHOR DRIVE ROD - 36" - Used to drive Cable Hook Anchors into the ground.

    Shipping Included.

    CONCRETE ANCHOR - Concrete anchors' design allows them to secure shelters into concrete. Concrete anchors work by inserting them into a hole drilled into concrete. The tip of the anchor expands, wedging itself securely in the concrete.

    Note: if purchased seperately please specify the building you intend to use this product for in the comments section of the shopping cart.

    Shipping Included.
    VENT KIT - Comes with 2 12"x12" plastic injection mold vents for your portable garage. Works to control condensation in areas of heavy moisture. Also helps to control temperature inside your instant garage.

    Shipping Included.

    Note: The $160 price is only for buying the door panel as a seperate accessory. If purchased with a building the price is $60 for two door panels in addition to the price of the building.

    REPLACEMENT VENTED DOOR PANEL - A sewn in vented panel, with fabric flap that will Velcro close. This Feature is available for all sizes and colors. Vented door panel comes in all 3 colors.

    Shipping Included.

    DRY PACKS - Protect Your investments from mildew, mold, odors, and rust. Ideal for use in storage bags, boats, campers, rv's, closets, and vehicles and any other area where moisture protection is a must.

    Moisture absorbing. $5.00 ea.  

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    BE READY FOR EARLY SPRING GARDENING with our instant backyard greenhouses!

    These roomy, greenhouses go up easily, and will have you ready for plants in a couple hours. Both come complete with anchors, double zipper back panel, and front panel manway door.

    Exclusive Extended Storage Features
    • Assembles in 6 hours
    • Easy Bolt Together Design - all Pre-drilled & Cut
    • Heavy Duty Galvanized Finish on All Steel Frame Components for Maximum Strength & Long Life
    • Heavy Duty Grommets on Cover & Doors
    • Heavy Duty Poly Rope for Main Cover Tie Down
    • Nine (9) Box Shipment
    • Nine (9) permanent anchors included
    • Protective Plastic Tube End Caps - All Open Ends
    • Quick Assembly Wrench included
    • Standard Thread Plated Hardware Kit with Retaining Nuts & Protective SS Washers
    • Triple zipper doors on Both Ends
    • Two (2) complete Roll-up Door Kits
    • Wind Brace Support on Both Sides
    Actual Pipe Size

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    Size: 30'W x 30'L x 15'H $2800.00
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    Please Choose An Extended Warranty Option (optional):
    House Style Extended Greenhouse 3 Year $175 Warranty
    House Style Extended Greenhouse 5 Year $250 Warranty


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