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DIY Temporary Garage

Need a workshop and can’t afford to rent or build a concrete one? With an average install time of no more than 2 hours, what could be a better solution for the do-it-yourselfer? What’s even better? MDM’s temporary garages require only a few common hand tools because of our frames come pre-drilled (unlike our competitors where some type of field cutting is typically necessary) – not to mention that a quick assembly wrench is included with the product. Shipped in several individual boxes, MDM temporary garages are easily unloaded and transported. A distinctive feature of all MDM shelters is that all their fabrics and canvases are made from Long-Life UV Resistant, Fire Retardant Polyethylene with woven backing. This is not to mention that skeleton of MDM’s temporary garages is composed of highly-galvanized steel rods that are of the most robust pedigree in the industry. Also, all of our temporary garages come with dual doors to promote ventilation and allow easy access to make matters effortless for you. All of our canvas doors sport either a double or triple zipper to guarantee that you do not end up zipped out of your own garage, or are unable to close it, because we know it is going to see a lot of use. The best part about MDM Shelters is that it is a family-run business whose employees are as professional as they are friendly, ensuring an optimal consumer experience. Have questions about MDM’s temporary garages or any of our other products? Please do not hesitate to call. Our phone lines are open and ready for your call 7 days a week.

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Benefits of MDM DIY Temporary Garages

  • Unlike a permanent garage, temporary garages are hardly, if ever, taxed by the state – thus, providing you with the shelter you need without the added yearly cost.
  • MDM garage and shelter facilities have all been designed to offer the maximum amount of space possible in any given area, providing you with a smart and superior product.

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DIY Temporary Lawn Mower Garage DIY Temporary Tractor Garage

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