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Portable Garages

Are you already aware that a portable garage is the best product to suit your needs? Great! MDM Shelters is here to make sure that you get the exact size, color, shape, and model which maximizes the potential of your garage facility. A good tip when trying to pick out the size of your portable garage is that you should take specific measurements of the area in which you intend to place your garage. Furthermore, it is important to determine if power lines, trees, or other overhanging obstructions do not jut into the height requirements of your MDM garage. Another tip is, although these shelters, being portable and all, are considered by the state to be temporary, it is best to check your local regulations to see if there is any type of building permit required Ė better safe than sorry folks. In the same vein, portable garages are rarely, if ever, taxed due to their portable nature, however, you are better off going to your local assessors office to find out. No one wants the IRS on their case, thatís for sure. For certain models, MDM does offer samples of the canvas materials for the curious customer. Worried that heavy snowfall will collapse your shelter? Please donít. You just need the round style garages which collect little snow because there is just no flat surface where that snow can accumulate. Live in the windiest of places, Chicago, the Colorado Rockies ? Itís cool. Our patented and time-proven hook and anchor system ensures that windy days and even strong storms do not disturb the structural integrity of MDM shelters. In fact, our anchor shafts have a 1200 pound pull out ratio Ė so unless you know an angry elephant Ė you have little cause for concern. The best part about MDM garages is that they can be erected on virtually any surface (e.g. grass, concrete, wood) in just a matter of a few hours without professional craftsmanship talent required!

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Benefits of MDM Portable Garages

  • Worried that moisture, dust, bugs or small animals are going to invade your shelter? Donít. With double-zippered sealable doors, nothing can get in without your consent!
  • Intending to work with flames or fire in your portable garage? No problem. All MDM canvases are flame-resistant and meet California fire code CPAI-84.

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Portable 2 Car Garage Portable Garage

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