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Portable Garage Storage

MDM Shelterís presents our first-rate option for those customers who need a garage for storage purposes. Donít avoid buying that Jet Ski youíve always wanted. Donít throw away your baseball cards. Donít sell grandmaís heirlooms. The space you require to accommodate your goods is available at a rigorously competitive price. All garage and shelter products MDM sells are made at MDM-owned establishments, ensuring that we are able to get the best prices by eliminating the middle man. It also guarantees that you only deal with one company throughout the lifetime of your shelter. You never have to deal with an unknown manufacturer in a foreign country to get a screw replaced, or request a set of accessories. The great thing about these portable garage storage units is their versatility. Your MDM garage can be used to store your yard and lawn equipment in the wintertime and be turned into a party tent during the summer for BBQs and graduations Ė or it can be used as your workshop part-time and your horse shelter at other times. There is virtually no limit to the uses of our facilities. And do not forget, because they are portable, if you move, or say, have a summer and winter residence, you can bring it with you so your prized possessions always have a place right beside you. A key difference between MDM Shelters and their competitors is that with MDM, all of the canvases are your choice of designer color on the outside and white in the inside. This is done to brighten the interior of your storage space and reflect away ambient light so you can see better when youíre inside your garage. Worried that the color is going to rapidly fade leaving an ugly eyesore next to your beautiful abode? Well, with many other portable garage facility companies this would be a legitimate concern, but not with MDM. We treat all of your colors to specifically repel those degrading UV rays equally. So do not hesitate, go and check out what we have online!

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Benefits of MDM Portable Garage Storage

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  • All of our canvases are made of a trademarked rip-resistant durable material that ensure your shelter stays shipshape for years and years to come.

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