Portable Garage Installation by MDM Products

Portable Garage Installation

Concerned that setting up your portable garage without the aid of a professional craftsman will be a grueling endeavor? Have no fear. MDM garages and shelters are easy to assembly and rarely take more than just a few hours to put together. The following is a basic breakdown of portable garage instructions.

Before you begin you’ll likely need a friend or family member to help with holding components in place as you assemble them. Step 1: You’ll need to take the appropriate number of individual galvanized steel rods (this number will be in the instructions enclosed with your product) and slide them into each other creating the first set of main steel posts. Now, depending on the size of your portable garage there may be only a few more of these sets that need to be assembled, or they may be several – this is of no particular importance, however do make sure that you assemble each set individually. Once the first set of main posts is assembled, have your assistant hold them equidistant and with the same height of arch as you attach the supporting crossbeams. Make sure to attach crossbeams in between the main posts at the base, in the middle, and at the top – all are necessary. Once those support beams are attached repeat this process for the number of main post sets provided with your particular product. Before moving on, it is important to double check all of the crossbeams to make sure they have all been attached as well as to ensure they have been firmly screwed in. Otherwise, your frame may lean or tilt while you continue garage assembly, which is not only dangerous for you, but may affect the stability of your garage. Step 1 is the most intensive part of the portable garage erection process and by the end of it the shape of your garage should take form.

Step 2: At this point you need to make sure that the skeleton of your garage is set in the exact place and manner you desire because you are now going to be anchoring it in. All MDM Shelter products use 3 foot long anchors and cables made of stainless steel. You will proceed to employ the 3 foot long drive rod which fits snugly into the head of the anchor. To do this you can use a mallet, sledgehammer, or tool of the like. Our system utilizes such long anchors and drive rods to make certain that they will not slide out easily or unexpectedly – all MGM anchors have a 1200 pound pullout ratio.

Step 3: Install the doors and the main cover. To install the doors you simply need to clamp the canvas at two to three different places on the front and back arches of the garage skeleton. Once this is done the drawstrings of the canvas can be easily pulled through the steel rings attached to the base crossbeams and pulled taught. Here it is important to emphasize that the drawstrings are pulled as tightly as possible while they are tied with the strongest of knots to deter flapping and shaking during periods of windy weather. To install the main cover drape the canvas over the skeleton so that it is covering the entire skeleton of the garage. Once the canvas is carefully placed, use the drawstrings at the base of the canvas and ruggedly knot each string to the crossbeams at the base of the garage. Depending on your particular garage or shelter the process will obviously vary, however, the steps mentioned above should give you a realistic impression of the steps involved in erecting a portable shelter.

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