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Portable Garage Canopy

In need of a portable garage canopy that will last and be easy to maintain? MDM Shelters is here for you! Worried about rusting and corrosion to the frames of our canopies? Well don’t. Our steel is highly galvanized and is thus covered in a robust coating that is stronger than the underlying steel itself to protect against harsh weather, corrosion, and oxidation with maximum effectiveness. Whether you have an RV, a Vespa, and or compact car, MDM Shelters offers a wide range of garages varying in shapes and sizes so to house the vehicle of your choice appropriately. Not using your garage canopy to accommodate a vehicle but rather creating a workshop for yourself or a makeshift smoking shelter for your business – no problem we possess the variety you seek. A distinctive characteristic of MDM is that we own both our manufacturing companies and sales companies. Therefore, you can be assured that from the earliest moments of production to the moment when you garage canopy arrives at your home, MDM is there ensuring a smooth and quality consumer experience. The best part about this is that all MDM garages are easy to put together with a time frame of one to two hours tops for assembly. Plus, you do the entire assembly yourself regardless of experience. No waiting for contractors, no concrete footers or slabs required – this is all on your time, guaranteeing that you’ll not waste any getting the shelter you need erected.

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Benefits of MDM Portable Garage Canopies

  • MDM garage canopies have been cold-crack tested and can endure through the severest of temperatures.
  • We deliver our garage canopy components to the destination of your choice, and we do so in a handful of smaller boxes so that getting them to your specific setup location is never a cumbersome task.

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