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Steel Metal Garage

MDM Shelters has wholesale dealers in 31 states and 4 countries worldwide. That said, it is understood our steel metal garages, like everything we manufacture, are renowned for strength and durability. Furthermore, MDM employs high quality galvanized structural steel tubing in all their garages. Now you may be asking yourself, what exactly is “galvanized structural steel”? It is steel that has been covered in a layer, usually of Zinc metal, which protects the steel substrate from the caustic elements of the environment. This galvanized Zinc surface resists all forms of abrasion and is actually hardier than the underlying steel itself. In addition, Steel metal garages are great for people of all climates. It is optimal for those who deal with freezing cold temperatures because steel stands up much better to temperature fluctuations than, say, vinyl or wood does. This is because steel is significantly less likely to expand and contract, which eventually causes buckling, rendering your garage structurally unsound. Also, steel is a better insulator than vinyl. So for the handyman or projectmaker intending to spend a decent amount of time in their garage in the winter, steel metal garages are the way to go. What’s more? Our steel garages are optimal for those who deal with sweltering temperatures because steel garages a known to marvelously impede the hot air from invading your structure and comfort. In addition, MDM is known for creating the most thorough and accessible assembly guides in the business.

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Benefits of MDM Steel Metal Garages

  • Making the consumer experience as effortless as possible, MDM is the manufacturer as well as the dealer – so it is a one-stop shop for the customer.
  • MDM is a family business and therefore comes with all of the benefits a family business affords – friendliness, exhaustive product knowledge, and speedy service.

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