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IF you are looking for the instant garage you have come to the right place indeed! MDM Shelters has been serving locally, nationally, and internationally the highest pedigree of garages and shelter products for over 7 years. Flame-resistant and compliant with some of the strictest fire codes in all of America, California fire code CPAI-84, you have no reason to go cold in your workshop you can hit the power button on that personal heater without apprehension. The anchoring system is made of stainless steel cable hooks, which discourages rusting, and its hammered in with a 3-foot long drive rod that fits snugly into the anchor. With a 1200-pound pull out ratio, solid footing and structural integrity is not something that need be compromised in acquiring an instant garage. In contrast, many of our competitors employ augers that are sometimes less than 6 inches long, and may have a dangerous tendency to slip out of the ground unintentionally. MDM Shelters also guarantees at least double, if not triple zippers at both ends of your garage which all have front and rear entrances. That zipper is going to see a lot of ups and downs and a single zipper just is not qualified to do the job. It is MDMs intention is to sell you the finest of products so that you are not spending all of your time maintaining your instant garage rather than enjoying it. Still have questions? Call our friendly and well-informed sales team that is there to receive your calls all week long yes even on the weekends while you are watching the game with the guys.

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Benefits of MDM Instant Garages

  • Have your garage up and ready for use in no more than two hours max!
  • Contrary to common opinion, an increase in quality does not necessarily mean a hike in affordability other companies charge their patrons as much as 40% more than MDM to upgrade their product materials to MDM standards.

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Instant Garage Instant Garage

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