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Need a shelter? Whether it’s a steel metal or a fabric polyethylene garage we got you covered. And remember, if you are unsure of which garage best suits your needs, call us, we are there 7 days a week.

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Started in 2001, MDM Shelters has been a dedicated and quality manufacturer and vendor of a variety of garages and shelters. Ask around, MDM’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself. The other great thing about MDM is that since they do business throughout the Unites States as well as four other countries, you can be assured that whatever the size or scale of you product need, MDM has the capacity to meet it. Your satisfaction is all that matters to us. Being a family business we are build on more than the singular drive to amass a profit margin, we really do care if you get the right shelter you need. We are never happy when our customers are unhappy. Now, when you call us, we have the most knowledgeable and affable sales and customer support staff you could imagine. Often our customers develop first-name relationships with an MDM employee who they can call at anytime with questions about which product they should acquire and even help with erecting the garage. So if you are taking up building your own potable or temporary garage but are nervous at your lack of experience, have no fear. You have the 7+ years of experience that MDM Shelter’s has at your disposal.

The great thing about most MDM shelters and garages is their versatility and usability. You can use a portable garage to house your classic Harley Davison motorcycle, keeping it in immaculate condition, without the woes of building a solid concrete and wood garage. You can also use it as a laboratory to conduct your anti-gravity physics or microbiology experiments in an environment safely away from the children. You can use a portable garage or shelter as a party tent during big games or birthdays even if it rains! Hey, do you get fed up with your wife’s nagging all too often? Well, you can use one of MDM’s garages as your refuge. Set up a small fridge in there with your favorite beer and a nice CD player with that Led Zeppelin (or whatever music you most enjoy) in the deck. Are you a zany horticulturalist who needs a place to practice all of your novel ways to increase that crop yield to get those seeds abloomin’ as never before? MDM Shelter’s is at your service. Do you have a guy that sleeps on your couch, you know that friend or relative that just needs to get on their feet but is flailing about your house? Well, you could always, assuming you live in a decent climate, say in California or Florida, let that person sleep in one of our solid and spacious shelters. And do not forget, just because you use your portable garage to house your math club meetings doesn’t mean that you wife can’t also use it for her Oprah book club meetings. Or, likewise, just because you are housing your classic Mustang in the garage doesn’t mean you can’t get buff in there too. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the uses of our wonderfully crafted garages are almost limitless. So go ahead and give us a call!

Why Purchase Garages from MDM?

Garages by MDM Highest Quality Shelter Fabrics – Noting that many of our customers run heat inside their garages to keep warm while working in their workshop, all MDM fabrics are flame-resistant and meet the tough California fire code CPAI-84. Most of our competitors have a 6 oz. grade poly, yet MDM Shelters' covers are made of a 10 oz industrial grade rip-stop poly that is ultra-violet ray treated on both sides to prevent sunlight from deteriorating the covers. These covers will last years in the sun. Rip-stop poly means if you were to get a tear in the cover, the rip will not continue. We also offer our shelters in three attractive colors, green, gray and tan to match your landscaping. All three colors have a white interior which makes for a bright inside. Plus, all of our fabrics come with either double or triple zippers because no one wants to be zipped in or out of their portable garage.

Galvanized Steel Shelter Frames – All of MDM’s frames are made of highly-galvanized structural steel tubing, which unlike many of MDM’s competitors, does not employ powder coating. The flaw with powder coating is that it is a cover-up so that the superficial areas of the steel tubing look galvanized, though they are prone to chipping and breaking. If that is not bad enough, once a chip or break occurs, rust on the actual steel underneath can begin occurring as soon as 24 hours from time of the fragmenting. And we all know that once oxidation begins, you can no longer count on the integrity of your structure. However, with our highly-galvanized steel, the outer coating is stronger than the underlying steel, thus ensuring superior protection. Our frames are also pre-drilled and are assembled with carriage bolts so power tools are not required. Average installation time on the one car garage is 2 hours with two people the first time setting it up. We make two styles, house and round. Both styles are designed with heavy duty, galvanized steel frames to withstand snow and high winds.

Secure Cable Hook Shelter Anchors - With a 1200-pound pull out ratio, solid footing and structural integrity is not something that need be compromised in acquiring an instant garage. MDM’s advanced anchoring system is made of stainless steel cable hooks (discourages rusting) that are hammered in with a 3-foot long drive rod. These 3-foot long drive rods fit snugly into the anchor, stabilizing your shelter and making it safe for use in all types of weather. Now, on the other hand, many of our competitors employ augers that are sometimes less than 6 inches long, and may have a dangerous tendency to slip out of the ground unintentionally. Do not worry, MDM does not and would never allow such a travesty to occur.

MDM Shelters' Standard Options Always Seek To Exceed Our Competition – It is MDM’s intention is to sell you the finest of products so that you are not spending all of your time maintaining your portable garage – rather than enjoying it. A distinctive characteristic of MDM is that we own both our manufacturing companies and sales companies. Therefore, you can be assured that from the earliest moments of production to the moment when you garage canopy arrives at your home, MDM is there ensuring a smooth and quality consumer experience. This is for sure, a rarity in the business. Plus, you do the entire assembly yourself regardless of experience. No waiting for contractors, no concrete footers or slabs required – this is all on your time, guaranteeing that you’ll not waste any getting the shelter you need erected. Often, our competitors will sell you portable garages that are supposed for do-it-yourselfers, when actually there is difficult drilling and intricate anchoring processes that really require a professional. Don’t be duped! If that is not enough, MDM does not charge extra for dual doors as most other shelter companies do. We feel that you should not be restricted from accessing your garage from the back as well as the front. Furthermore, we do no add costs for our superior drive rods and anchors though other companies can and do even though theirs are of inferior quality. Now, contrary to common opinion, an increase in quality does not necessarily mean a hike in affordability – other companies charge their patrons as much as 40% more than MDM to upgrade their product materials to MDM standards. That’s good news for you! Unlike our competitors we are open seven days a week to serve you when you need us – not the other way around.

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