Portable Car Covers by MDM Products

Portable Car Cover

Portability is a major factor that MDM is proud to offer. By breaking our portable car covers into smaller boxes, we make it possible for our customers to transport their fabric covered building to where the car cover is needed. Call us and we will help you pick just the right portable cover for your application. For a car cover that's portable, your search ends here!

Covers by MDM

Car Cover
Boat Cover
Cover for Firewood Racks or Hay
Golf Cart Cover
Motorcycle Storage Cover
Pickup Truck Cover
Portable Car Cover
Snow Blower Cover
Gas Grill Cover

Benefits of MDM Portable Car Cover

  • Multiple Boxes - easily unloaded and transported
  • Average Install time - 2-4 hours (depends on exact size chosen)

Portable Cover Images

portable Cover portable Cover for 2 cars

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