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If you are used to covering your firewood or hay with simple tarps, we highly recommend the more dependable and versatile firewood covers we offer everyday! Firewood and Hay share the need to be protected from rain and moisture. Why cover only half of your firewood rack with a tarp when you can put more wood closer to your house and cover it completely with a full cover by MDM! Hay bales can be preserved longer simply by covering the entire hay bale rather than just the top with a partial hay cover.

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A roasting fire on a winter day is more than soothing to most people, itís a relaxation that can be achieve simply by enjoying you home and the warmth of the fire place. Boats and RVs are wonderful for the summer time when the weather is beaming down and the thought of a sweater is months away. Yet when that winter chill hits, people seem to be content in the comforting glow of the fire and some hot coco. A great way to enjoy the holidays and an even better way to cut down your heating bill is to throw a couple of logs into the old fireplace. But hard part of keeping these occasions alive is keeping the logs from becoming rotten or wet from the snow or rain. Fortunately there is a way to preserve your firewood and hide it too; a firewood cover.

Better than lining the logs against the house to attract spiders and any other kind of creepy crawly is to purchase a firewood cover to ensure dry wood for the fire. Aside from having supreme wood to build your fire, a firewood cover can also help many families that hate the look of cluttered logs and bark strewn about the lawn to organize and sort the wood to optimize the yard space and keep things looking great. This cover can also double as a hay cover for farmers that need a place to hide the hay, or keep it from the animals, and the benefits are all the same. A traditional wooden or metal shed may look bulky and cannot move from place to place for convenience, creating a problem for those that are often times moving about. To match personal taste in the consumer buying the cover there is the option for Forest Green and Grey colors with a white interior, and two double zipper doors with bottom pockets can keep the firewood or hay completely stashed away.

Heavy duty galvanized finish on all steel frame components made for maximum strength and long life also come with the firewood rack cover, as well as wind brace support on both sides to shield the wind. Fire is a major hazard when dealing with wood, especially if using the space as a hay bale cover, and to ease the minds of concerned buys, both the main cover and the doors meet CPAI fire retardant standards to ensure that extra bit of safety. The main cover is also UV protected with fabric backed by poly material that can prevent any further sun damage to whatever you decide to store in your cover. For any farmer looking for a smart and cost effective way to feed his livestock and to keep it stored, the hay cover is the perfect choice, and for any family that loves the comfort of their fireplace but hates the hassle of wet wood or wood piles, than the firewood cover is most suitable.

Benefits of MDM Firewood Cover
  • Selection of sizes for any amount of firewood or hay!

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Firewood Cover Firewood or Hay Cover

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