Car Covers by MDM Products

Car Cover made from Poly-Fabric

Need a lot of protected space for storage? Whether you have 3 cars or 1 car and some equipment, whatever your exact need, MDM car covers will give you plenty of space to work with! These are perfect as classic car covers, general canopy car covers, just cover it with an MDM instant garage!

Perhaps you have heard of the California car covers, basically these are custom made car covers fitted to your make and model of vehicle. As a quick comparison between California car covers and MDM's car covers, please consider the following.

First, while a fitted poly-fabric cover may offer great protection for your car, it offers no other usability for you, the owner, MDM's car covers offer the same or greater protection for between 1 and 3 cars under the same car cover plus space for ancillary storage since our spcious car covers aren't limited to just the vehicle itself.

Second, our poly fabric car covers offer far greater versatility than a custom fitted cover! Its like adding a safely covered room outside your house, use it for whatever you want!

Covers by MDM

Car Cover
Boat Cover
Cover for Firewood Racks or Hay
Golf Cart Cover
Motorcycle Storage Cover
Pickup Truck Cover
Portable Car Cover
Snow Blower Cover
Gas Grill Cover

Ordering an MDM Car Cover

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Spacious Car Cover Images

3 Car Cover Triple Cover

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