Rhino Shelter Fabric Closest Competitor

Our Material consists of 3 layers to make our fabric more resilient. Our Black inner scrim layer blocks out 100% of the suns UV rays which helps keep our shelter fabric cooler. Most importantly this layer will help in retaining the fabrics inner materials from breaking down over time. Our Fabric measurements are in ounces; don't be fooled by some companies marketing schemes that measure thickness in meters to give a false perception of thicker fabric. In reality most competitor's meter measurements come in under 7 ounces, ours is 10oz. We heat weld our fabric in a up and over direction, which helps in reinforcing our fabric from stress tears or splits most commonly found when cranking the ratchet straps and securing the shelter cover down. Our fabric is cpia-84 certified (Fire Retardant), 100% Water Proof and is certified for up to 10 years life expectancy. All fabric is tested for quality assurance before shipping from our warehouse.

Most portable buildings on the market do not have the black scrim material and only last 3 to 5 years. The covers on these buildings are only 7.5 oz per square yard.

A common trick the competition uses is to display their thickness in square meters which makes it sound 9 oz material. MDM Products measures fabric in square yards but in square meters our fabric would be 12 oz per square meter.

Rhino Shelter Galvanized Steel Closest Competitor

The Steel of your shelter plays an import role in ensuring its life span. Rhino shelters are built to with stand snow loads and heavy winds. Our Galvanized steel is hot dipped so the pipes do not rust inside or outside. What is commonly found with our competitors is their steel pipes are powder coated and will eventually rust from within causing the shelter to bend and collapse under high winds and light snow load. We are proud to show pictures of snow covered shelters on our website that have with stood the infamous Northeast winters year in and year out as a testament of our quality. Please note: our Party Tents and Party Canopy's are powder coated due to the fact these are temporary style structures and are not designed to be up all year, but rather are built for temporary outdoor occasions like weddings, BBQ's, and get-togethers.

See the difference: our competitor's powder coated tubing is smaller in diameter and fits into our galvanized steel frame tubing.

Our Competition only uses thin wall poweder Coated Small Diameter tube for their frame.

powder coated does not protect against rust smaller diameter frame makes a weeker structure

The light weight steel also cannot hold up under snow load

Rhino Shelter Ventilation Closest Competitor

Rhino shelters are proud to be the only shelter company to offer built in screen vents for breathing. This helps in regulating the shelters inside temperature. When protecting something value this is a must have feature.

Closest competitors use cheap plastic clip in vents that will not last and is not apart of the shelter.

Rhino Shelter Anti-spread Pins Closest Competitor

There are 4 pins for every garage. These pins help keep the end arches from spreading apart and causing the zippers to break. Without the pins when wind hits the front or back of the shelter the arches push inwards then outwards and without this pin the zippers will eventually break from stress. The pins help maintain the shape of the buildings arches and most importantly keep your end arches from spreading wider than they should be ultimately ensuring the life span of the shelter.

Other competitors do not offer these pins nor do they supply you with this option.

Rhino Shelter Warranty Closest Competitor

Other companies claim there shelters are able to with stand the test of time, then why donít they show it by offering more than a 1yr warranty? We stand by our product and show it by including a standard 2yr warranty on all parts and labor that covers the entire shelter.

The competition only offers a 1 Year Warranty so you might not notice any defects until after warranty has already expired.

Rhino Shelter BBB Closest Competitor

RhinoShelters is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and we stand out with an A+ rating for over 12years. Buying a shelter should be a smooth process, we understand in this day and age no one has time for gimmicks or service people who canít help you. We not only sell great shelters, but we make each and every customer a priority and go the extra mile to answer every customerís questions in a timely and professional manner.

When buying a shelter make sure you check out their Better business bureau ratings, and see what your dealing with before you spend your hard earned money and waste valuable time. Most Shelter companies do not advertise this due to bad ratings from customers having bad experiences or not getting what they thought they paid for.

Rhino Shelter Hardware Closest Competitor

Hardware may sometimes get over looked, not here. Weíd like to point out that our carriage bolts bag weighs in at an astounding 6lbs, and thatís just the carriage bolts. Our competitorís entire hardware pack weighs in at only 2lbs.

The hardware of your shelters is very important. If your hardware is made cheaply, then you can imagine what your shelter is made up of. Cheaply made hardware will lesson the life of your shelter. See for your self IN RED how cheap their hardware is.