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Weather can be a really nasty force to reckon with, and many people know this from rigorous experience. The damage a wind storm, a rain storm, or an ice storm can do to your property, your house, and especially your car can be sorry sight, so many people have been looking for options as far as protecting their assets are concerned. A car canopy is just the tool to keep your vehicle out of the rain and the snow, and can even protect it from other culprits such as animals or children from causing any damage that can accrue over time. These amazing portable car canopies often come in handy when you feel there is nothing you can do to prevent basketball flying through the air, coming strait at your passenger door, and there is nothing you can do, until now.

Perfect for summer camping, your portable car canopy can serve both as a vehicle protectant as well as a general canopy to get out of the weather or the sun.

Bring a portable canopy with you and you will always have the option to keep your car out of the sun and rain!

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Benefits of MDM Portable Car Canopy

  • Roomy car canopy provides extra side wall clearances for maximum head room.
  • Portable car canopies come with double zipper doors that roll up and roll down for total protection and drive thru capability.

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More about Portable Car Canopies

Your car can now be sheltered from harmful substances, such as rain, sleet, snow, hail, and debris from the wind. When you park your car under your car canopy, the car is safely in a sheltered area where it can rest without getting damaged and you can rest without worrying. Other car “covers” are difficult to get on and off, and if a ball or an object hit it, there is still the possibility for a dent. With car canopies, there is room for the car to fit and room for anything hitting it to bounce right back off without damaging the paint or the body of the car. In this instance, the car canopy is actually portable, making this a portable car canopy that would make any vehicle owner relieved. The car canopy can even go with you when you camp to ensure that extra bit of relaxation that most campers have been anticipating.

Car canopies are often a great source for a gift or investment, as many people love their cars and love them to stay shinny, dent free, and certainly as durable as ever. Using the car canopy is a life saver to many families that have very expensive cars and hate hassling with the less reliable, canvas car cover that doesn’t protect them from denting. If the garage a mess then no problem, the car canopy can fit right outside and still keep protecting your vehicle from the rain and any other weather menaces. The portable car canopy can be taken with you when you decide to go camping and don’t want a branch to spoil the trip. Car canopies are a safe route for any car owner that is interested in keeping his investment covered.