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Portable Canopy

Portability is a major factor that MDM is proud to offer. By breaking our portable canopies into smaller boxes, we make it possible for our customers to transport their canopy to where the canopy is needed. Call us and we will help you pick just the right portable canopy for your application.

Did you work hard to earn what you have? Then it stands to reason you would want to protect it! Portable canopies by MDM Products are designed, manufactured and have withstood the test of time for our many customers and your portable canopy will do the same for you!

Still considering the purchase of a portable canopy? We think the most important consideration is the time it takes to go from boxes and packing slips to an actual, working, protective portable canopy.

Setup or installation is the biggest determinant in whether your canopy is actually portable. Building a shed can take a few days or a week but you can setup mid sized portable canopies in less than one day and smaller poly-fabric shelters in just a few hours.

Easy Ordering: Forget the big box retailers, you can get our shelters delivered to your home or jobsite in just days and pay far less than the large retail store prices.

Quality: Every MDM product is backed by warranty, just call our office and see!

MDM Products in the manufacturer of our entire line of portable garages and instant shelters and the best part is that you can work directly with our sales staff to ensure that what you get is just what you need!

Canopies by MDM

Portable Canopy
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Carport Canopy
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Portable Car Canopy
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Benefits of MDM Portable Canopy

  • Multiple Boxes - easily unloaded and transported
  • Average Install time - 2-4 hours (depends on exact size chosen)

Not sure what kind of shelter you need?
MDM Products can help you decide.

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Portable Canopy Images

portable Canopy portable Canopy for 2 cars

More about Portable Canopies

Gardening can be a daunting task for any family, especially for those with harsh weather, a very large property in which to tend to, or just a whole mess of stuff to put away, but the question is, where? Very simple actually, there is an option for those wanting to ditch the clutter and look back at a healthy, appealing, and over all, kept lawn, and that refreshing option is a portable canopy. Portable canopies were originally invented to help those that are in need, and that is the task that it carries out every time, with its handy and helpful way of safely storing the tools, vehicles, or which ever you chose. Jumping at an offer to clean up once and for all, with portable canopies, is a wonderful notion that many people are excited to partake in.

A portable canopy can be easily disassembled to fit into smaller, compact, boxes for quick and a very effortless transport, to where ever they are needed. Being able to move your portable canopies are perfect for those that just canít seem to stay in one place for very long, and the best part is that a portable canopy is even easy to reassemble. Portable canopies offer families that have a large lawn with plenty of gardening and landscaping tools a way out of senseless pain from stepping on a rake, or a shovel, or getting blamed for knocking over the potted plants, when you know it was that squirrel next door. You can store all of these items in an orderly fashion, keeping everyone happy and keeping your gardening supplies in a safe place, away from outside interference or rusting potential.

Being able to take advantage of a storage space that can be a lawn deficiency cure and portable is an amazing opportunity. Portable canopies are indeed a must have for those with prize rose bushes and acres of rolling lawns. A portable canopy is even wonderful for a party in the back yard, a place to park the car if the garage is full, or if you want to empty the garage itself. Moving around your storage ready goods can be a pain if you do not have the space to take it to, but with one portable canopy, or even, multiple portable canopies, your worries are over, and so is the clutter and mess that you, for so long, worried about.