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Did you know that you can OWN your own party canopy for the price that it costs to rent the same tent for a single event?

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Canopy Tents for Parties

Party tent rentals are at an all time high and MDM Products sees this as a great opportunity! With canopy tent rentals costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, you can OWN your own canopy tent for parties, gatherings and events for the cost of renting a tent one time.

For party tent sales contact MDM and we will make sure you are ordering just the tent you need for as wide a variety of applications as possible. Why rent another outdoor party tent? Get your own today!

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Benefits of MDM Party Tent Canopy

  • Selection of sizes for any type of event or party!
  • Use tent canopies for lawn equipment storage!
  • Great as an outdoor shade canopy!

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Party Canopy Party Tent Canopy

More about MDM Party Tent Canopies

Parties have been a source of entertainment for thousands of years and will be for many more to come. Relatives, friends, husbands/wives, young, old, bottom line is everyone loves a party whether they admit to it or not, and what more could you ask for than the people you love and adore to be with you when celebrating that special day or event. Perhaps you're throwing a fundraiser, or a Christmas party, and plan on doing so every year with the help of some festivities and decorations and of course your guests to enjoy the occasion with. But what makes a great party a fantastic one that people talk about the next day? It of course has to be different from the rest and the one thing that ties most parties together is the stuffy atmosphere of a room full of people and not enough space. Thank goodness for MDM, because they have a product, the party tent canopy, that eliminates the crowded room syndrome, and here is the great part; your parties can now take place outside.

How amazing would the night feel if you where all enjoying a beverage or two and listening to some music, in the cooling comfort of the night and the glowing sensation of nature around you? Delightful, most would say, and now that dream is a reality with the party canopy. With this wonderful option, you can now entertain your friends, relatives, and even some of your boring colleagues while enjoying the sunshine, or the bursting stars. When summer hits, and the capacity of so many people literally knocks the air conditioning out of the wall, your Party Tent Canopy will make a breezy alternative to a great night, with the promise from your guests for many more returns. Kids want to have a birthday party in the sun in 90 degree weather? No problem, you and you're family can keep cool under the shade of a Party Tent Canopy, with a glass of ice tea. Birthday parties can be enjoyable under the sun once more for those that enjoy relaxing under its rays or under the cooling flow of the shade. Standard sizes can include 14 feet Wide by 14ft Long and 9ft tall, and the sizes vary in length.

Protection is of the utmost importance which is why this Party Tent Canopy is safe for any home or family. The main cover offers protection against UV's by being made with fabric backed by poly material, along with the main cover and doors CPAI approved fire retardant to resist the chance of the tent burning. And while the party canopy is protecting your family from the sun and the scary thought of fire breaking out, it looks great doing it! Its outer cover is white with a blue boarder, to give it that extra hit of fun when enjoying company, and it has sewn in plastic windows, actually sewn into the side walls, so while the adults are deep in conversation, they can still peek out the window to keep a close eye on the little ones. The Party Tent Canopy comes in two, three, or four, depending on size, boxes, and installation takes an average time of 1 hour to complete, of course with sizes varying.

Another feature that makes the Party Tent Canopy such a great product to have is its durability, having heavy duty powder coated finish on all steel frame components for maximum strength and long life. It seems too good to be true, but it truly is obtainable for anyone that has a knack for the party life. Any kind of occasion can be enjoyed in the sunshine or in cool evenings with family and friends, or even those that you work for, with a little help from the Party Tent Canopy. Kids could have birthdays to be remembered for years to come, and you could wow the office with a classy get together during the holidays under the stars. Any option is right for the party tent, and with so many amazing features for safety, convenience, and pure fun, it's a sure present for any family.

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