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Serving boat owners nationwide, MDM provides canopies for boats of any size. From a weekend schooner to the corporate yacht, protect your boats and boat lifts with high quality canopies by MDM.

It is always difficult to keep your brand new boat as new as you would like it to be, and for those of you that have an antique, it seems that you are constantly repairing the exterior in some way. The weather can be brutal as seasons are changing before most can keep up, and with so many out door culprits, the paint can be scratched, the dog could chew a hole on one of the sides, and the birds, well, you know what the birds can do to ruin anyone's day. Yet there is hope for the everyday family that is tired of making sure the kids take caution when running across the lawn at full speed to clime and potentially damage your shining, never used, much adored boat, and to many this great invention can be a product that is a giant help. Some consider the term to be boat storage, other say boat cover, but to please everybody, boat storage cover is the term to describe this wonderful asset.

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More About Boat Canopies

The boat storage cover is the best option for keeping your beautiful boat looking beautiful and if anything else, it will certainly keep the neighbors happy with the lovely appearance of a shed instead of your 20 footer in the front yard. With an array of different colors to choose from, your boat storage cover can be customized to fit your yards scenery or your own personal taste, and just to name a few shades that are popular are green, grey, and tan. Nominal size is 14ft Wide by 24ft Long by 10ft High, being perfect for boat storage and the gear that comes with your boat that needs a place to dwell, great as a boat cover, protecting the boat from the weather and other predators, and an over all sensation in the boat storage cover market for the convenience of the consumer. When you order your very own boat storage cover, the shipment will be in two boxes weighing 350 lbs. each, and they will be safely transported via motor freight for a quick assembly. Most importantly, putting your boat storage cover together is relatively easy, as all of the frames are pre-drilled and can be simply constructed using your everyday hand too.

Safety is most certainly important amongst many people and their families, and when it comes to your boat, its thousands of dollars worth of urgency. Luckily for many that worry, the main cover and doors of the boat storage cover are coated in a flame retardant that is approved by the CPAI. It's always superb when you know that you are protected! Also, the boat storage cover is also sheltered against Ultra Violet (UV) rays with the fabric being backed by poly material, ensuring even more stress-free days for owners all around, for more boats staying the vibrant color they were made to be. Staying strong and outlasting the weather and harsh conditions for some people, wherever they may live, is immense in the purchase of such a product, and it is good to know that the boat storage cover has heavy duty galvanized finish on all the steel frames holding the cover together for maximum strength and long life, for those that plan on keeping their favorite toy for all the years to come.

Making a large purchase, such as a boat, that before, could potentially become a problem for the neighborhood, can be nerve-racking, and for some, that's where the dream dies down. Fortunately for all, even those worrying about their joy being an eye sore, that problem has passed and the future is the boat storage cover. A great way to hide and protect their toys from the weather, animals, children, and now flames, and UVs, and a wonderful option for those that want to take the final step in owning their very own boat. Storage is no problem, and covering is now available, and with the boat storage cover, your boat has a long life ahead, with the same glow it held when you bought it, and perhaps, even better.