3 Car Canopies by MDM Products

The 3 Car Canopy by MDM

Need a lot of protected space for storage? Whether you have 3 cars or 1 car and 2 riding mowers, whatever your exact need, MDM triple canopies will give you plenty of space to work with!

Families are growing in size and vast numbers across the United States, with more parents making the decision to become a larger bunch, and this is producing young adults that are experiencing driving for the first time. The standard for numerous homes then shifts into kids wanting the keys for the night, for that special date, or the movies with their friends. Slowly it is dawning on parents that this is a problem they knew they would face sooner or later and it turns out that they actually need their cars for something other than being a chauffer or a personal car rental.

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So many are looking toward buying a third car to replace the headache of arguments and cringing at the thought of spilt soda and accessories of every kind scattered across the seats of their newly financed vehicles, and they are taking the steps necessary. And when it seems so simple, the problem of storage for the vehicle arises, and a three car garage is out of reach. Luckily there is an answer, a triple canopy or a 3 car canopy.

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3 car canopies offer the solution to parental car problems and the insurance of all three vehicles being protected from the elements. Buying your teenager a car now has an advantage, with a 3 car canopy you can protect your assets in the very best of ways. The weather can be extremely damaging for cars, as many people have found out, especially those in regions where rain, snow, and intense heat take over the land. Thousands move to these places out of love for winter games, a drizzly morning with a cup of coffee, or the rays of the ever present sun. All respected and understandable reasons, but these can all be extremely harmful to cars, whether it be the paint stripping, the under carriage rusting, the windows freezing, water spots, or chips from debris, and the 3 car canopy can now stop nature in its tracks and keep your car looking brand new. You can enjoy the weather just as you have before without having to worry about the sports car getting sun parched in the drive way, or your old muscle car getting rusty.

The 3 car canopy can offer wonderful storage options for those that want to keep the garage for their tools, the laundry, or even a hang out place. This way, the cars can still be safely sheltered, and you can keep your garage for the guys, the delicates, or that bookshelf you have sworn to finish. When purchasing 3 car canopies there are great options and features to consider, such as the Heavy Duty attraction of the galvanized finish on all steel frame components for maximum strength and longevity or the UV protected fabric that is backed by Poly Material to keep your vehicle looking fresh from the sun. The Main cover and doors also meet CPAI as an effective fire retardant for that extra protection against disaster. Available colors for the 3 car canopy include forest green and grey, to match your personal taste when showing off your neat yard without the glare of three vehicles stretched across the drive way. When deciding how to keep your cars shining and hopefully running for the next couple-hundred thousand miles, 3 car canopies come to mind, and that truly is the best option available.